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Oct 28, 2012 12:35 PM

Anyone been to Brooklyn Central Pizza Yet?

Interested in how it stands up to other places. Thanks.

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  1. We were there last week. Best pizza in Park Slope. Here's what I wrote on another thread:

    1. I only went there once. We actually went for brunch, so it was a slightly different menu. DGF got baked eggs, which were overcooked, unfortunately. We're not big "brunchers," and we just wandered in not realizing it was their first brunch service ever. So the overcooked eggs can certainly be forgiven.

      I got the regular margarita. Here's where their Sottocasa heritage shows. The crust was great. What wasn't great was the cheese. It was ordinary mozzarella, and there was too much of it. I know they also have a DOC pizza which uses buffalo mozz, so that's probably the better way to go.

      If you like Neapolitan pizza, you'll like Central. We'll definitely go back, even if our first visit didn't make either of us do cartwheels. Once they get their liquor license, you'll probably see me there once a week.

      1. We went recently and had a promising but imperfect experience like egit's. the crust is great - could have used a tiny bit more salt but the rise and char and chew were on point.

        we got one "old world" and one new world pies (old use buff mozz w traditional toppings, new use local brooklyn cow mozz). the topings were generously, but not excessively applied, but we felt like we would want to keep searching the menu for the ones which suited us best - we tried the meatball and pickled jalapenos w ricotta and a sausage and mozz. but i found the sausage underseasoned.

        we love motorino, but having Bklyn Central within walking distance is definitely a plus.

        service was very pleasant and a peek into the backyard got me excited for warmer weather and outdoor seating (its not too early to be excited for spring, right?)

        1. Oh god, what has happened to this place??

          Despite my luke-warm commentary below, we found ourselves going back there fairly frequently once they got their liquor license. We went probably 2-3 times a month from January til August. Then we went once in mid September and it felt "off." A different vibe, unfriendly bartender, etc.

          We decided to give it another try last night. We got there about 8:15. It was empty. We thought that was odd, but hey, maybe it was just a fluke.

          It wasn't. We weren't super hungry, so we just ordered a beet salad, their roasted octopus app and one pie. The $12 beet salad was roughly 2 oz of food material, in total. The octopus appetizer was supposed to have some potato or something in it was mostly charred to a rubbery crisp. We didn't finish it. The pie was actually pretty good, but we're pretty easy when in comes to Neapolitan pies.

          But the strangest thing was they we were closing by the time we left at 9. Like, putting chairs on tables, etc. Firstly, in my mind that's a big no-no in my book. Never make your last guests feel like you're kicking them out unless it's ridiculously late. Second of all, it felt like a restaurant about to go under, and no one cared.

          I think the empty restaurant wasn't the fluke. I think the fluke was the pie that somehow, against all odds, actually tasted pretty good.

          Anyone have any intel on what's going on there? Apparently everyone knows but us.

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            Could it be that Park Slope just isn't ready for a Neopolitan-style pizza joint?