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Downtown and open during the Hurricane?

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  • Simon Oct 28, 2012 11:47 AM
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Figured i'd start a thread for people keep track of whats open during the next 3 days of rain. Many places i'd have liked to hit tonight (Sunday) are already closed for the Hurricane.

I'll update what i find, as i like tromping about in the rain and will surely be venturing out over the next couple days.

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  1. Sunday: Balthazar open to 11pm

    1. Meatball Shop LES, all Xian Famous Foods locations, Mas Farmhouse, Mas Grillade, and Babbo have all said they are open tonight.

      Looking on OpenTable, a fair number of restaurants still taking bookings for tonight. Recette, WD-50, Blue Hill, Perilla, Kin Shop, Public, Dell'anima, Peasant...

      1. We just returned from Pho Grand. They are open and said they plan to be till late tonight.

        1. A few more suggestions in here: http://ny.eater.com/archives/2012/10/...

          1. I've spent more than a few hurricanes at Puffy's, on lower Hudson: it projects a vibe of safety, or what could be insouciance!

            1. Got an email saying that Bill's Bar & Burger Meatpacking District - Ninth Ave. at West 13th St. - 212.414.3003 would be open tomorrow (Monday). Never been. Can't rec. one way or another.

              1. Monday morning: Coppelia - open, as well as many other diners in the area

                1. EMP and The NoMad are open according to Will Guidara's Twitter.

                  1. Monday 6:25pm, Pete's Tavern on Irving Place seems to be open (sign outside says so, and i just saw two customers saunter out into the rain)...i may stroll over for a drink...