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Oct 28, 2012 11:47 AM

Downtown and open during the Hurricane?

Figured i'd start a thread for people keep track of whats open during the next 3 days of rain. Many places i'd have liked to hit tonight (Sunday) are already closed for the Hurricane.

I'll update what i find, as i like tromping about in the rain and will surely be venturing out over the next couple days.

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  1. Sunday: Balthazar open to 11pm

    1. Meatball Shop LES, all Xian Famous Foods locations, Mas Farmhouse, Mas Grillade, and Babbo have all said they are open tonight.

      Looking on OpenTable, a fair number of restaurants still taking bookings for tonight. Recette, WD-50, Blue Hill, Perilla, Kin Shop, Public, Dell'anima, Peasant...

      1. We just returned from Pho Grand. They are open and said they plan to be till late tonight.

          1. I've spent more than a few hurricanes at Puffy's, on lower Hudson: it projects a vibe of safety, or what could be insouciance!