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Oct 28, 2012 11:32 AM

Can I freeze my uncooked stuffed pork tenderloin?

Hi all,

I'm not very experienced with cooking meats, so I joined a dinner party/cooking club to incentivize myself to be more adventurous. Our first meal was supposed to be tonight, and I was scheduled to bring a stuffed pork tenderloin. I got it all ready last night and it is in my fridge waiting to be roasted. Problem is, the party was just canceled due to the hurricane and NYC's transportation shut down. (Don't get me started.) Can I freeze the uncooked, stuffed pork tenderloin? If so, for how long? Will it last until next weekend? For what it's worth, it is about 1.5 lb, boneless, and the stuffing has no meat in it (apples, dried cherries, walnuts, shallots and breadcrumbs).

Thank you so much in advance.

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  1. I think you should be fine. I usually stuff mine with spinach/tomatoes/cheese and I don't think it would freeze. But, yours sounds like all freeze worthy items.

    1. safest would be to unstuff and freeze. defrosting the pork next weekend could potentially contaminate the stuffing.

      1. Freeze it,your only other option is to cook and eat it. No I would not hold it in its uncooked state for a week. I really can't see anything in it that won't freeze. Sounds good! Good luck with the storm. Not nice to hear its in your path,but glad for a change it's not in our path (FL).

        1. I would wrap tight,very tight in plastic wrap,at least two layers,then a zip lock and freeze.
          Then remember to cook well.Your stuffing should keep well done pork from dryness.

          1. Well, thanks for the help everyone, but turns out it doesn't matter. No power means I now have a defrosted uncooked stuffed pork tenderloin, which even I know is a no-no. Sigh. $30+ worth of ingredients in the trash.