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Oct 28, 2012 10:23 AM

Where do I find skatewing?

We just returned from having a great dinner at Mon Ami Gabi restaurant in the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas. We had the skatewing fish that was incredibly prepared and delicious. Is there anywhere in the San Gabriel Valley where I might find fresh skatewing? Can't fly to Vegas evertime we get the craving so have to settle for next best. TIA

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  1. While I haven't had it I see it on the menu at the Novel Cafe in Pasadena (and it certainly sounds interesting)

    1. Waraya (used to be called Raku) in West LA has a casual but very good preparation of skatewing... In the mini-mall on the SE corner of Barrington & Olympic.

      1. Hawai'i Supermarket has it.

        Water Grill has it on their menu sometimes.

        1. I've had it prepared very nicely at Il Grano, though it won't always be on the menu.

          You can also frequently find it at Santa Monica Seafood, though I'd caution that it's not a forgiving fish. It's a bit tricky to cook right.

          1. mccall's often carries it. it's of a really good quality, too.

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            1. re: linus

              I saw it there the other day, +/- $28-30 a lb.

              1. re: jdwdeville

                I do love me some McCall's, but they are not the most budget friendly butcher around, that's for sure.

                1. re: cacio e pepe

                  Yes, that is quite true. Though, oddly, the seafood prices seem much higher than the meat...

                  1. re: jdwdeville

                    no doubt the fish there is expensive, and sometimes i balk. but it's sustainable, so there's the feel good factor to figure in.
                    and the quality is very, very good.

                    i've never seen skate wing at fish king.

                    1. re: linus

                      True, true. I'll shop at McCalls on occasion. Lindy and Grundy is just too rich for my blood, fel good factor or no.

                      1. re: cacio e pepe

                        still haven't taken the lindy and grundy plunge. i'll have to go for a sticker shock high.

                        1. re: linus

                          Actually, I find Lindy and Grundy's prices quite in line with what you get- the 45 day aged steaks are admittedly pricey, but you get what you pay for and they are delicious. I've also had some very reasonably priced un-aged meats there that were excellent.

                          1. re: jdwdeville

                            well, like i said, i haven't been there. just going off what someone else said; i probably shouldn't have opened my big bazoo.

                            1. re: linus

                              my point is, don't be scared! If you don't want to shell out $30+/lb for super-aged meat there is usually some good options at better prices.

                            2. re: jdwdeville

                              Just offering a different perspective. In the past, I found their prices to be noticeably higher than the already very premium McCalls. This was especially pronounced when I considered them for a Thanksgiving turkey and again for a Christmas goose. While I don't recall the price/# of the turkey, I remember very clearly that the goose was $16.99/#. I have no doubt that their quality is top-notch, it's just too rich for me. I can find comparable quality at substantially lower prices. I don't see a consistent value there. I really do love their approach, though, and am happy they are going strong.

                              1. re: cacio e pepe

                                yeah, to be honest I am only referring to beef re: L&G. Can't speak to other items- the chicken prices are admittedly astronomical.

                        2. re: linus

                          Linus, I asked Fish King for skate one day, and although they didn't have it they took my name and phone #, and for the next year or so they'd call me whenever they got some in. Downside: they wanted about $15/lb, and I discovered that Hawaii Supermarket and San Gabriel Superstore had it fairly frequently for $5. Don't know about nowadays, as half the family has gone veggie, and as fond as she is of skate I don't want to rub her nose in it.