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Oct 28, 2012 10:09 AM

Dinner in East Pasadena - help!

We've just become season subscribers to A Noise Within, the new and wonderful theater at Foothill and Madre, and would love a place for a pre-show dinner within a few minutes drive. Unfortunately, all that seems to be in that area are places like El Torito, Panda Express, the Islands, and so on, absolutely none of which we care to visit again. Anyone know any hidden gems in that area?

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  1. Are restaurants that are just a little east of Lake Ave. still too far west? If not, there's
    inexpensive Asian fusion
    I've not been myself but vaguely recall reading that some posters enjoyed this place

    These are all so far north that you could easily hop on the 210 to be at the theater in a few minutes, if there's no traffic....

    1. That immediate vicinity (Foothill and Sierra Madre) is pretty desolate.

      If you want to stay within an easy 10 minute drive of that area, your best bet might be Sahara Middle Eastern,, or Zugo's Cafe,

      Neither will rock your world, but when life deals you lemons, you try your best to make lemon curd.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Sahara isn't great on ambience, but their shawarma is great. And they have this cabbage and mint salad that's really tasty.

      2. How about Fu Shing? It used to be well-regarded Chinese food. I don't know if the cognescenti still like it, but the service is good and it's a relatively nice setting (i.e. not a storefront in a mini-mall).

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        1. re: jerry200

          I like the Singapore Noodles at Fu Shing.

        2. Robin's BBQ is very close, and worthwhile. Hook Burgers (Foothill, basically across the street from the theater - not in the Best Buy complex, but in an office park just to the east of it) is a simple, straightforward semi-fast food burger joint by the folks who operate Hamburger Habit. Order at the counter & they bring your food. Limited menu (burgers of various proteins), but well-executed. They do have wine and beer.

          Simple GringoMex (i.e., taco & enchilada combo plates, etc.) with full bar at Ranchero, which is on Foothill a bit east of Altadena Drive.

          Plate 38 (Colorado & Sierra Madre) has a nice menu of American comfort food. Lupita's (another homestyle Mexican joint) is in the same corner minimall at Colorado & Sierra Madre.

          Alas, no real good inexpensive bistro or trattoria places in that part of town.

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          1. re: Jack Flash

            "Alas, no real good inexpensive bistro or trattoria places in that part of town."

            Too true. Thanks for all the suggestions. I won't respond to each one, suffice it to say we've been to a lot of those places and aren't interested in going back. Daisy Mint sounds like a plan, we've liked Abricott and just learned they're owned by the same people. Might try the Hook, we'll check their menu.

            Anyone interested in opening a Crocodile Cafe-type joint in East Pas. will be welcomed with open arms.

            1. re: judybird

              I would steer clear from Hook. It's a nice location/setup, close proximity to the theater, and service is great - but I found the meat to be void of flavor. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how they accomplished such a feat. It made me long for an Islands burger.

          2. Have you been to Bhanu on Huntington and Rosemead? It's south of where you want to be, but you can come up Madre and be up to Foothill in 10 minutes. Probably the best Indian food in the area by a long shot, but very hole-in-the wall.

            I'm sure you know about President Thai on Rosemead north of Huntington. Pretty mediocre but fine for "suburban Thai".

            I hear ya - it's a tough neighborhood to find a decent place to eat - it's pretty much either hole-in-the-wall, corporate blah, or much worse, which is really odd given its proximity to a lot of people who know (and would pay for) finer dining!

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            1. re: cant talk...eating

              Nothing wrong with hole-in-the wall if the food is good. Their menu is interesting, thanks for the rec.

              1. re: judybird

                It's a wasteland over there. nothing but chains. I once was at the toyota dealership for what i was expecting to be a quick fix but took a bit longer. i ended up at a hole in the wall called Fresh Thai in the strip mall right next to the dealership. I had the papaya salad and it was spicier than hades but decent. I can't speak to the other food there but a group of women were enjoying big bowls of noodle soup which looked quite good.

                i've only had pretty bad food in Sierra Madre but a new place opened up called Wistaria. it's owned by the people who run Mike and Anne's (which i am not a big fan of) but it's a bistro-y place. I've never been there but maybe you can give it a try and report back!

                1. re: trolley

                  Is that in the old Lozano's spot on north Baldwin?

                  1. re: judybird

                    i think it used to be Loxzano's. it's on the right or east side of Baldwin across from the pizza place. and I second Mother Moo's. Not a dinner but the best ice cream on this side of town. she uses organic strauss milk and local ingredients. her sorbet is delicious as well. my favorite is the campari grapefruit.

                    1. re: trolley

                      Yep, that's the spot. Now Wistaria Restaurant - used to be Lozano's.

                      1. re: The Oracle

                        LOZANO'S not LOX! tee hee. i'm glad something decent went in after Lozano's. I ate two very bland meals at Lozano's and vowed never again. i do walk by Wistaria and it's looks sleek for sierra madre.

                2. re: judybird

                  Bhanu is affordable and the food is tasty. Ambiance is non-existent even by my atrociously low standards. It's a combination restaurant and Indian grocery store.

                  1. re: raytamsgv

                    I love the food at Bhanu. You are correct: non-existent ambiance. I usually get their Dosas and Salt Lassi. Seems everyone gets their Thalis. Always pretty busy and inexpensive. Had my first taste of fresh Ghost Pepper there.

                3. re: cant talk...eating

                  There is a new Indian restaurant being opened by an East Indian doctor on the corner of Washington and Altadena Drive. They have already started construction. If it's good, it will be a welcome addition to the area. Not sure what's happening with AltaEats on Allen.

                  Our fave eats in Pasadena which are a quick hop to ANW are SUSHI KIMAGURE (pricey) and THE LUGGAGE ROOM PIZZERIA (reasonable and we love the bacon wrapped dates and kale salad) both in the Del Mar Gold Line Station. You can eat there and take the train to Sierra Madre Villa Station where ANW is.

                  Very excited about ANW too!

                  1. re: revets2

                    re: the Indian spot - Which corner? The north east one? Where the flower shop was for years?

                    1. re: The Oracle

                      Yup! Also, it looks like construction is also moving forward at AltaEats on Allen. Former chef from Derek's.

                      1. re: revets2

                        Allen and what?! I must be driving around with my eyes closed, these days!

                        1. re: The Oracle

                          Allen just south of New York Drive, next to Vic's Dry Cleaners on the east side of the street. Used to be Mary Pat Brandmeyer's catering kitchen.

                          1. re: revets2

                            Thank you! I drive by there several times a week and never noticed! I will have my eyes PEELED next time. Any idea when they plan to open?

                            1. re: The Oracle

                              My understanding is their CUP is done and they already have their liquor license.

                  2. re: cant talk...eating

                    I second Bhanu but purely for the food. You'll basically be sitting inside of a small mom and pop grocery store. That being said, I'll take their food over Mezabaan, Akbhar's, All India or any other Pasadena Indian eatery.
                    East Pasadena (Hastings Ranch) doesn't have many stand out eateries. I'd steer clear of Robin's BBQ. Couldn't get me to eat their food for free. Just awful, in my opinion. I would however recommend Stonefire Grill right up the street from Robin's. It's not a 10 but I've never had bad food there and some of their stuff is simply delicious.

                    Panda is also very good. Not to confuse with Panda Express. This is a full sit down with good service restaurant on Foothill. Excellent food. Some will say it's a little Americanized but it's still very good.

                    Ichima Sushi next to 300 Bowl is also good. Very reasonably priced fresh sushi. Not top tier sushi for sushi snobs but good, none the less. If you want better sushi, head a little south to Yoshida's. A little pricey but excellent sushi.