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Oct 28, 2012 08:46 AM

Stale bread crusts

Most of my recipes for using stale bread (including bread crumbs and croutons) call for using the inside part of the bread only , leaving the crust for ... The compost heap?. I'd love to know your best uses for stale bread crusts.

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  1. I just use the crusts with the rest of the bread for breadcrumbs and croutons. Doesn't bother me any. My mother saves bread heels in the freezer to make stuffing--the crust holds up better than just innards.

    1. Leftovers of the main crumb become breadcrumbs and go in the freezer. Leftover crusts are thrown on the lawn for the birds (my garden is wildlife friendly, as far as I can make it while still having it look attractive)

      1. Verbatim from another reply of mine on a similar subject ...

        'Make a great rustic soup known as Pane Cotto if the weather there is cold. You could also soak your gifted focaccia with cold running water and then proceed with toppings as you would with bruschetta.'

        The stale bread crusts work just as well if not better. HTH.