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Oct 28, 2012 08:33 AM

Olive This Olive That, SF Noe Valley shop - sells olive oil, balsalmic vinegar, pastas, sea salts

Went to Olive This Olive That because they had a sign outside when I was in Noe Valley for their Harvest Festival Sat 10/27/12 & they have FREE Tastings! They've been open for 4 months.

I tried a sample of brownies made from Olive Oil. In any recipe that calls for 1 Cup Butter use 3/4 Cup Olive Oil instead!

Tried out many of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils - just drink a tiny bit of it. Bottles 1 for $17; 2 for $30

Balsamic Vinegars - they have white balsamic vinegars - that's cool. Try the Dark Chocolate - wow! So many other flavors I tried & liked. Bottles 1 for $17; 2 for $30

Pastas - made in Denver CO I think the worker told me, many different ones, I should have bought a bag, but didn't. $8/bag.

Sea salts: mild 5oz, Robust 5oz for $10. I didn't try any.

Worth a visit.

Hrs: M-F 11-7; Sat 10-7; Sun 11-5

Olive This Olive That
304 Vicksburg St, SF

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