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Oct 28, 2012 08:12 AM

Tampa ---- Ramen?

Hello all.

With the successful outcome of my Hanger Steak thread, I have been driven to make another inquiry. Though this time I doubt that a successful outcome is feasible.

Another thing from NYC that I miss sorely is a good bowl of ramen. With dozens of dedicated ramen restaurants in NYC , I can't find any in the Tampa area.

I have had success finding a few places to get a good bowl of pho. With Yummy House and Yummy Noodle House, I can get authentic chinese (though no proper sichuan fare) food and noodles.

But Japanese ramen... currently missing.

Anybody know of a location that this void can be filled?

Thank you.

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  1. Im with you...Im dying to go to a "noodle house" and work my way through the menu...I see these places on the Food Network and I just so desperate I may be forced to fly to one!!!! You are right..Pho is very popular,even here in Lakeland where I am there are at least 4 places that serve it...Most recently I had it at the Saigon Bistro at the Lakelside mall in Lakeland...Isnt there a Kobe Japanese Restaurant in Brandon??? Maybe they could be persuaded to put it on the menu...If all else fails...Maybe you can try making it...There are some excellent oriental food stores in Tampa and Im sure you could get even the most obscure ingredients...Happy eating...

    1. I Ai Sushi on the intersection of Waters and Dale Mabry serves ramen. Plus they have pretty good takoyaki,

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        Thanks deet13, will look into it this week.

        1. re: hajji

          Cool. Their ramen noodles aren't homemade, but the broth is, and it's pretty good (complete with the giant hunk of floating pork fat).

          The guy who runs the joint used to run a izakaya back in Japan. The only issue I've ever had there was that service could be spotty, otherwise the food is pretty good. Plus it's the only place in town that I'm aware of that you can get "omurice" (rice omelets).

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            I've had really good experiences at I Ai Sushi from a food standpoint. The ramen is good (and basically the only spot in town), the sushi is some of the best I've had in Tampa, but... the service has just never been good. We had more success ordering in Spanish than English... which wasn't an issue for us, but they are not really trying very hard in this department. The food more than makes up for the lack of service, and it is our go-to Japanese restaurant.

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              Kaisen Sushi- my favorite sushi place in Tampa- has ramen but I have not ever ordered it. I always have to have omakase when we go there.

        2. Made the venture to Ai Sushi per the suggestion and it was an great trip. Ordered the chirashi, a bento box and the bowl of ramen (traditional variants - soy, miso, pork bone broth). Specials included curry ramen.

          Like it was noted, not the same as the NYC experiences with the hand made noodles, etc. But for Tampa, a "close enough".

          Everything was pretty traditional and excellent.

          Thanks again.

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          1. re: hajji

            I'm glad to see that y'all had a good time. We usually go for beer and small plates.

            Now if you're looking for something really unusual, check out Hot Rod's BBQ, up on Livingston Ave in Lutz.

            They serve smoked fruit bats w/corn pudding.

              1. re: deet13

                Glad someone brough tup Hot Rod's. I've heard of this place. What I want to know is how is their Que? Specifically, the pulled pork.

                1. re: Agent Orange

                  I'm not sure how the food is there. A friend of the family said the BBQ wasn't bad; but then again, my friend has proven himself to be a notoriously spotty judge of quality BBQ.

                  That said, my son and I will be swinging up there in early December to check them out. My son wants the smoked "bat", and I want to see him eat one.