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Oct 28, 2012 08:09 AM

Doowee and rice. Great stuff, fun menu...Some hyperbole on my part towards the end

I went yesterday for lunch. Tried the chicken heart fries and the steak baos. Chicken hearts were perfectly crisped atop well made fries and decorated with 2 different sauces. I described it to friends later that day as poutine like. The sauces were not gravy like but rich and a great accompaniment to the fries and just under the line of too salty hearts. The steak in the baos was dynamite and the crispy shallots added great crunch. These are slightly larger baos than what Myers and Chang serve (I'd say 3" vs 4", not life altering difference in size but that is 33% bigger). My preference is the 3", based on anecdotal discussions and personal experience. The 4" seem flimsier and have tended to soak through and tear/fall apart as these did. The filling in these were just as good as any in town but the bun itself did not do it justice.

When I visit the website and read the "preamble" to the menu along with the about link and blog posts I get a real jolt of excitement for both this guy Doowee's aspirations and for the food scene here. I love eating his food, I appreciate the way he approaches all aspects of running his own restaurant and if he can sell chicken hearts in Davis/Powderhouse then we may have reached the real tipping point of living in a first rate food city.

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  1. Whoa, the new chicken heart fries are a great idea -- when I went, you could only get a serving of them in a french-fry sized container. They were terrific, but that was a ton of chicken hearts. This sounds more reasonable :)

    1. what a cool guy is this doowee! gotta love his caring attitude and excitement about what he's aiming to do. Excellent comments, moon, and thx for the helpful photos too. I'm not a chicken heart person (prob too traumatized by Cosby's crib terror :-} ) but i could sure go for those fries w/o the hearts. and many of the other tantalizing things. We'll go soon , so thx for the reminder. I hope he'll be wildly successful there.

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        The fries were excellent by the way, with or without hearts. I just hope places like this are part of the future of the restaurant scene here. While we have had a bunch of great places open in the last few years, when I traveled to San Francisco and Portland I still felt like we were missing something. Small indie places that may not have a bunch of $ or even experience behind them, just a high level of respect and love for food.

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          It looks great and interesting, and I checked out the site and liked it, but...
          is there an address listed anywhere??

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            It is on broadway in powderhouse sq Somerville. On broadway a few doors down from to y yo. Small storefront easy enough to miss. The map app on my phone said I was in a Dunkin donuts, but in reality DD is 4 or 5 doors down.

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              Is it on their website? Did I miss it?

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                  Yeah, looking there, just a TIA or small stroke brought on by the typeface.


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                  Yes. But in your defense the site is definitely done by an amateur and does not read clearly.

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                    That site is rough. I've been thinking about offering to build them a real site in exchange for some chicken hearts...

                    I like the place a lot and am glad it's there (though I do miss East Asia). The bao are tasty and giant (almost too big? they're a little hard to eat) and the steak and rice is tasty, though the rice part could use help. I also really liked the chicken wings and I'm excited to see that they're adding some noodle dishes.

        2. I ate at Doowee within the first couple weeks of their opening and I really liked it overall. The menu does vary in quality though. The french fries and chicken hearts were outstanding. The french fries, while thicker then my liking, were perfectly fried. They had the right crispness on the outside and softness on the inside. I loved the chicken hearts as well. Completely addictive and it didn't really need the accompanying sauce. It was a very large portion though, a small carton but they heated up well at home.

          Both the chicken and beef with rice were good. The proportions were off, not enough protein and way too much rice. As stated in the earlier thread, the rice was a bit one dimensional. However, when you sprinkled it with the sauce that goes with the meat, it perks right up. There could be a bit less rice though.

          The bad - I ordered the clams on rice crackers. They were baby clams (probably from a jar or can) and served on rice crackers. It was a large portion and just not good. There was a very strong taste but it wasn't really clammy.

          I was really intrigued by the baos and the variety of sauces. I haven't had a chance to make it back but would do so in a chicken heart beat.

          1. I like how the website states "This is not a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. We specialize in fusion cuisine borrowing techniques, ingredients, and ideas from around the world".
            The Spring Rolls ($1 each) were nice with a tasty filling and I really liked the homemade garlic and chili sauce.
            The Bao Baos was an extremely soft bun with a porky filling. You get 2 per order ($5) and they were good.
            DooWee's Chicken and rice was nicely cooked dark meat chicken and their own white sauce with plenty of rice. Not sure what the white sauce contains but other have speculated that it's a mayonnaise/yogurt based sauce with some lemon and vinegar. Calling a few leaves of lettuce a salad might be overdoing it a bit ;-). Overall very nice and filling. Also looking forward to trying the Char Grilled Steak and rice. The menu states "cooked medium rare unless otherwise requested" and I think that sums it up. This guy understands food.


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              Just a cool addition to our food lives here. Interested to see how the menu will change and grow over time. I am curious however if the location and pizza/sub joint feel to the space make the food seem even more impressive.