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Oct 28, 2012 07:29 AM

Bonne Journee (boulangerie) on Queen east!!

When first saw yet another bakery opening in leslieville really didn't have much interest, but after reading about this place on blog TO last week went yesterday to get pastries for dinner with friends and the place is fantastic - reminds me of those sort of traditional neighbourhood patisseries you find in France where they aren't making anything that involves crystallied basil leaves or green tea foam, etc. etc. but just really good classic french stuff - we had assortment of raspberry and classic mille feuille which were spectacular. also bought little brioche and sweet milk breads for coffee this morning - very simple and very good! and too make even better, service was lovely, refreshingingly no attitude.

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  1. Queen East where exactly? Sounds good.

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        Thanks Helen. I will be checking it out.

    1. I walked by (and took a quick peak inside) while walking around during a Soupstock break last week. I was very tempted to get something but I was so full. Definitely will go back. Here is the BlogTO write up:

      1. Bought a couple of mille feuille this afternoon - nothing special at all. I'll stick to Amadeus North of me and Maxim's which is local - both have the best in the city. Had to try though.

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          I thought Pain Perdu on St Clair had the best mille-feuille in Toronto but maybe that's only if you consider south of the 401.

          But, Amadeus, which you mentioned, does not have mille-feuilles. What they have is Napoleons, which they claim are the same as mille-feuilles, but they aren't. They might seem similar but they different. I've had both and you really don't know the difference until you have had both. See the 1 Feb 12 post by 'waky':

        2. Grabbed a few galette biscuits the other day to try them out. They were ok, but lacking in butter flavour. Will give them another try but their spread didn't look too impressive or unique. Lots of competition in the area too from Zane, JP Challet & La Cigogne.

          1. The choux pastry cream puffs are great (10+ on the "sin" index, real whipped cream), and the individual lemon merengue tarts have it all, and a buttery crust. Great service.