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Oct 28, 2012 06:48 AM

Few questions about Bermuda

Hello, my parents are off to Bermuda the first week of November, they will be staying in St George's. I have read all the recent threads about Bermuda and hav numerous suggestions for them for Hamilton, but just wondering if anything has opened in st George's. many of the places they liked have closed, Gio's for instance. They enjoy the carriage house and Whitehorse tavern, but something new would be nice. For Hamilton I will reccomend to them Tribe Road Kitchen, Bolero, and Mad Hatters.

I suspect they will also find their way to Newport Gastropub as well. They are 70 and 68 and not the most adventurous diners, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Wahoo's is nice in St. George's. They always do the dishes with wahoo quite well. Not sure if Blackhorse will still be open for the season, I've never eaten there but from what I understand, it gets some love for their seafood preps.

    Tribe Road, Mad hatter's and Bolero would work if they're not too adventurous.

    1. We really liked Wahoo's. The fish tacos are outstanding! Also good is the harissa shrimp over linguini. Wahoo's is in the old Cafe Gio's location---great views.

      1. Thanks for both your help, I gave them all the suggestions but they only went to wahoos and did enjoy it. They went to elbow beach and ate somewhere there and then Hamilton one day but at at the hog penny. Next time I go to Bermuda I will try all these places for them.

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          Always glad to help! Hopefully they enjoyed themselves.