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Oct 28, 2012 04:24 AM

Kosher Xmas Dinner in NYC

So, this may seem like the oddest request but anyone know of any way to get a Kosher Xmas dinner in NYC?

I will be travelling with my good friend, a non-Jew, who for many years has suffered having to schlep to kosher places when travelling with me and even put up with not being able to 'cook' anything when we lived together for a while.

This year, we will be in NYC over Xmas and she would really like to find Xmas dinner somewhere. Now, it seems that there will be a whole manner of non-K options, but she'll have to eat alone OR we find a kosher alternative.

Now, I realise it's a very long shot, but if this exists anywhere, it's going to be NY!

D and K

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  1. Can you clarify? Do you mean a traditional Xmas dinner (not quite sure what that is) or kosher restaurants open on Xmas? If the latter, then I'm assuming the traditional Jewish Xmas dinner - Chinese food. You might try the only kosher restaurant in Chinatown that I know of:

    Buddha Bodai
    Chinese, Vegetarian
    5 Mott Street
    New York, NY 10013
    (212) 566-8388

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      Sorry, no, the more difficult option... a kosher traditional Xmas dinner!

    2. As a Jew growing in Colombia, the question is as stereotypical as the frequent question on this board, traditional jewish menu. Is there truly a Christmas dinner. Once you answer tat question, you can look for a kosher restaurant that serves that menu. There were some ladies here in south Florida who had a kosher traditionally kosher Colombian bakery. Many of their producs adorned Colombian holiday tables when I was growing up there. Give us the menu you have in mind and we'll try to find a restaurant that serves it. Keep in mind that a very traditional Christmas dish has to do with pig in one of many forms. The antithesis of kashrut.

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      1. re: mrotmd

        I do not believe that any reputable Kashrus agency would allow a "xmas dinner" to be appear on a menu at a kosher restaurant.

        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          If I make a kosher meal on december 24 for my Christian friends, it becomes treif by virtue f the day? Wow! Can a get a source for that ruling?

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          Well we are British and to use Xmas dinner is basically Turkey plus veg in essence.

          I've never heard of anyone here having pig over Xmas - turkey at Xmas and beef on Easter is the way.

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            I doubt any restaurant will advertise a Christmas dinner, but I'm sure if you check the menus at the nicer restaurants they'll have something similar enough.

            1. re: dknyc

              Well a roast turkey dinner can be found at many kosher places.. They might be decorated with menorahs instead of trees...

              Mike's Bistro does not have turkey but does have many meals that seem like a Holiday dinner... rack of lamb, duck etc. Check it out on Menu pages

          2. You might want to try to contact some of the more upper priced restaurants and see what their menus might be on the 25th; I have dined at these establishments as they are Glatt.
            Abigael's 1407 Broadway, ,
            Wolf and Lamb 10 Est 48th street, NYC ,
            Mike's Bistro 228 west 72nd street,

            1. I always thought that a traditional Kosher Christmas dinner was Chinese. ;-)

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                1. re: DeisCane

                  Goose, traditional Chanukkah dinner, a bagelman favorite.

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    I grew up in England, and typically chanukah which often comes around Xmas time was when we had Turkey since it was generally available then. With no thanksgiving in the UK, I would think any kosher place with a thanksgiving dinner thats available at xmas would work for this

              1. I know many people do Italian foods for Christmas. I would think you could find good Italian Kosher food in NYC. Christmas Eve it is an Italian tradition to eat 7 fishes, very easy to do Kosher:) and a YUMMY meal!