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Romantic Downtown Yumminess

My boyfriend and I are visiting Los Angeles soon for business/pleasure. We are going to a weeknight concert and want to take in the culinary delights of LA beforehand. I've tried looking at the previous threads on this topic but couldn't find a good answer to my question...

If we want to spend no more than $100 per person and prefer the Downtown area (Disney Concert Hall), where could we find a delectable dinner in a nice romantic classy setting? We really aren't interested in Japanese restaurants! I'm a bit of a picky eater.


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  1. " I've tried looking at the previous threads on this topic but couldn't find a good answer to my question..."

    Very close to your post is this thread which has a list of places that have great food...and just remember, "delectable" and "romantic classy" are often polar opposites when it comes to dining.


    1. Try Colori Kitchen, near 8th & Olive. Tables are a bit close to each other (NYC style), and the food is excellent (I recommend the tagliatelle alla Bolognese, ricotta cheesecake). Within your price range.

      Alternatively, Le Ka (6th & Figueroa) is more upscale, and more romantic (ask to dine out by the terrace fireplace; I recommend the duck confit and the merguez sausages).

      Have fun!

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        I wouldn't exactly consider Colori Kitchen to be romantic. Great food though.

      2. I'm not sure about the food, but you can't beat the location of Perch on Hill St.

        1. If you are a seafood lover The Water Grill is wonderful. Giant lobsters. Great raw bar and cold seafood platters. Great service.

          1. Patina or (if the weather is nice) the patio at Cafe Pinot.

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            1. First & Hope is a bit romantic.

              Food wise, Chef Remi Lauvand moved from Redondo Beach to Le Ka, so that's very exciting. The Parish is dark and leathery,

              Finally, roof top dining at Kitchen Table is probably the most romantic of all right now in DTLA: http://www.kitchentabledtla.com/Envir...

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                I've always felt Kitchen Table's environs to be a bit garish.

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                  On second though, the possibility of getting stuck on that massive communal table is NOT romantic at all. Unless you're swingers. Then...

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                      Which brings up an interesting tangent... Any vomitoriums in town?