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Oct 28, 2012 02:00 AM

Central London - asking the impossible?

I'm looking for a restaurant for dinner next Friday. Needs to be quite central, not terribly noisy and crowded, not too expensive, preferably Italian or Spanish. Delicious, of course. Would the Opera Tavern be a good choice? Or Quo Vadis?

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  1. What's "too expensive"?
    I have heard good things about Bocca di Lupo, been meaning to visit for ages but not managed yet. Do love their ice cream, sold at Gelupo, opposite.

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    1. re: Kavey

      Not more than £50 a head including wine. Boccca di Lupo looks interesting.

      1. re: J Sheridan

        Either of those two, or Quo Vadis would be great - perhaps see which of them have reservations available for Friday.

        Opera Tavern does the best food in my view but the other two are very happening and serve very good food as well (although am going on others' reports of BdL as have never been).

      2. re: Kavey

        Bocca di Lupo is a fine choice food and price-wise but I would hesitate to say that it is not terribly noisy and crowded. It is a small space with bare walls and the open kitchen contributes a lot to the noise as well.

      3. How about Great Queen Street?

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        1. re: DavidT

          Thanks for the suggestions. Some eg GQS are quite noisy - and last time I went there I found the food disappointing.

          1. re: J Sheridan

            I had a very disappointing lunch at Quo Vadis a few weeks ago so wouldn't rush back.

            I do love Opera Tavern - and what about Polpo? It is also very good. What time were you thinking of eating? You could try 10 Greek St - had an outstanding meal there last week and would love to go back, but you can't book so may need to take that in to account.

            1. re: pj26

              Feedback: we went to Quo Vadis in the end, in spite of pj's disappointing experience. It fulfilled most of my requirements: busy and buzzy but not too noisy and about £45 each including a cocktail and two bottles of very juicy Corbieres to drink (not each, I hasten to add!). Some of the food was delicious - the razor clams, the squid and puntarella salad - some less so. The rather small piece of hake swum in an overwhelming beetroot sea. The chips were not crispy enough. But it made for an enjoyable evening and I wuold certainly revisit for a pre-theatre dinner.

              1. re: J Sheridan

                Good to hear - I used to love the place but maybe they just had a bit of an off day when I was there (my fish stew was so overpowered with vermouth and tarragon you could barely taste anything else) , although to be fair a restaurant of that standard shouldn't really have off days! Willing to give it another chance.