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Oct 28, 2012 01:58 AM

Per Se Chef's Tasting-Flexibility?

I'm treating my grandfather to dinner at Per Se in November. I'm wondering how flexible the meal is. For example, would we be accommodated if we found ourselves in want of an additional savory before our cheese course? What if we wanted additional plates from the vegetable tasting?

We're both lovers of Yams and would surely love the Agnolotti. Can this type of addition to the menu be planned in advance? What about items off the salon menu? I've seen a lot of substitutions in reports on here, but not extra courses beyond supplements and the extended tasting.

Any advice is appreciated


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  1. Per Se has always been very accommodating about permitting substitutions from their other menus. If you have any food restrictions, it is best to call them ahead of your arrival. I would be surprised if you would want an additional savory course before the cheese course, but I'm sure they would be willing to do so, but there might be an additional charge. Have a great time!

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      Understood. If you want a background to my mania, I had a fantasy we received one of the tasting menus from the last several days, where the wagyu Cote de Boeuf was featured only on the salon menu, and that I went to the best restaurant in New York and missed both of my favorite foods

      Good to hear that an addition won't be a problem

      I enjoyed your photo report, ellenost, Thank you. I'm sure we'll have just as good an experience

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        I'm not certain the additional course would be okay; you should call ahead to inquire. BTW, since I'm a big fan of Per Se, I frequently check their menus. I've noticed that the Salon menu is either from the same night or the prior night's menu. I've read that there is a special dessert tasting menu, but I'm not sure whether it's offered only in the Salon, or whether you may order it in the dining room for a supplemental charge.