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Oct 27, 2012 11:37 PM

Gift For New Restauranteurs

Going to VIP soft opening of future inlaw's restaurant.... what to bring as 'Housewarming ' gift?

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  1. patience with the service and good recommendations spread wide (just don't be a shill)

    I dunno, a gift certificate for customized printing?

    1. Opening a restaurant is major stress! Undoubtedly their suppliers and business contacts will send more than enough flowers to crowd the place. Since it's a close and future relationship expected to last your lifetimes, I'd put a pair each of fuzzy animal slippers (their sizes, and teddy bears would be great) and a bottle of their favorite night cap (cognac? Champagne? Six pack of beer?) in a nicely gift wrapped box with a big tag that says, "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL LATER WHEN YOU ARE HOME ALONE." When they get home the night of the opening, their heads will be swimming and they will be exhausted but too tense to sleep right away. Something like this should bring a big smile to their faces, a touch of gratitude that someone understands, and as their future family member, you'll get a ton of "Brownie Points." And who knows? Maybe at some future date some real brownies? '-)

      1. Your continued patronage.