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Oct 27, 2012 09:05 PM

Shooting Star Saloon, Huntsville, Utah

my girlfriend and I drove up today to have a burger at this restaurant.
saw a tv foodie show featuring it as touted to have great burgers.

wonder if anyone has eaten at this tiny little gem.
had forgotten the mention on tv about the stuffed St. Bernard dogs head above us in the booth we chose.

beautiful little town and fun adventure.
although no where close to a best burger I've ever had, the mission of getting there, the snow, the company, the memory made well worth the 100 miles and rental car.

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  1. While visiting relatives in Ogden, we took a drive over to the Shooting Star. The place was cool and their signature burger with the knockwurst was pretty tasty. I was a little disappointed with the "town" if you could call it that since it was so tiny. We were there the day before the slopes opened so there weren't a lot of people there. Looks like it would be great fun after a day of skiing!

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      as we were driving up the street ready to pull up to the Saloon my friend told me of the awful reviews the Shooting Star Saloon had gotten and I was down right scared to open the door and step in. I figured it was worth the experience even if the lunch was mediocre.
      I loved the town, so tiny so horsey so rural. I'd buy that saloon if it was for sale.
      but I'd be changing or at least adding to the menu. :)