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Oct 27, 2012 08:28 PM

Kroger Private Selection

I have bought several of Kroger's Private Selection items. They have all been very good. Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream, Apple Pie from the bakery, frozen croissants are great. I will keep trying other items.

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  1. I also think that their Private Selection ice cream is very good, especially their plain flavors like the chocolate ganache and all 3 types of vanilla (double vanilla, vanilla bean, homestyle country). The ones filled with goodies don't seem to be as smooth and creamy.
    A lot of their other products have been good as well, EXCEPT their seasoned panko breadcrumbs. The texture wasn't very good and the flavor

    1. You should try their Frozen Lasagnas....both the Ground Beef and Vegetarian....they are Fantastic! You can actually see the real Ground Beef and cut up veggies! Puts Stouffers to shame.....

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        Great, I will. I wish Kroger had a list of the Private Selection offerings they have so we can find them easily.

        1. re: randyjl

          My husband, that does not even like Vegetable Lasagne, loved theirs....its obviously in the Frozen Lasagna section.... :)

      2. I like their Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks ice cream

        1. They have some sous vide frozen entrées which are very tasty - they come two to a box. Unfortunately my location moves them around and they fall off my radar. IIRC there was a yummy Cajun stuffed pork chop and a chicken Marsala that I've enjoyed.

          1. Surprisingly enough, PS brand, for the most part, happens to really be good. OTOH, the Kroger brand, itself, is just plain junk. Reminds me of the few years that the Ralph's market (Kroger) had a generic line called "Plain Wrap". Can you guess what most people called it?