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Oct 27, 2012 03:15 PM

Food Gift Baskets: Need to be high end for Washington Insiders - signed an Outsider

I'm responsible for getting an office full of Washingtonites (is that what you call yourselves?) a nice/great/ really awesome food basket for ELECTION DAY, so the clock is ticking. What local place could do this? Manhattan Fruiterier is my backup, as is ZIngerman's but I thought local might be better. Any ideas?
Thanks much!!!
Four More Years!

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  1. We are Washingtonians.
    Sadly you are going to need a more up to date on stuff like this than me.

    1. This is a non-political response.


      Dean & Deluca

      1. Society Fair in Alexandria ( is very local and I bet they would put together some great food baskets.

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          If someone sent me a basket from Society Fair I would adore them! They have a great selection of baked goods, breads, cheeses, prepared goods, and all sorts of other stuff. A really great place. They would do an amazing job and could assemble a nice selection of things.

          Cheesetique and/or Cowgirl Creamery would also be an option.