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Oct 27, 2012 02:53 PM

The Kenwood

Went for lunch at the Kenwood yesterday. How was it? Simple and really good. close to perfect. Had the duck confit--crisp and well seasoned A member of my party had a nice looking medium burger, others had the pappardelle with a wild boar ragout and a fried oyster and pork belly sandwich. Top quality ingredients handled skillfully. This kind of place is a dime a dozen in Tokyo, but so rare in the Twin Cities. Dinner starts at 5 and I've heard it's packed every night. Can't stop thinking about that place. The only minus is the noise level, way beyond lively, and into construction site jackhammer level.

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  1. I had shrimp and grits there last week and it was delicious. I was also ended up getting scrambled eggs because they looked SO good when I saw another table's order; it's hard to find a restaurant that does truly great scrambled eggs and these were fantastic. I really wanted to try the pappardelle, hopefully they'll have it next time we go.
    Agree with you about the noise level, it's pretty loud.

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      Forgot we had a side of grits too, and we were all thinking they would be super with shrimp. Got to get back there real soon.

    2. Happy to hear this! Wanted to head over there for brunch yesterday, but was too lazy to make the trek over from St. Paul. Will have to check it out soon!

      1. Had dinner there, tonight, and it was great. Caesar and mussels. Fun presentation and delicious. Beautifully designed space. This place is a winner. Can't wait for patio season!