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Oct 27, 2012 02:25 PM

Pig & Fiddle

Overall impression: Not bad. Pretty good, even.

We went with some friends and had a really good meal. The highlights are the tap beers and the chocolate stout pudding. The pork sandwich was insanely good. The fisherman's pie was good. The cauliflower skordalia was very good. The beet salad didn't thrill me and beet salads usuallyd o. The moules frites were decent, the frites were better than the moules which were a bit overcooked. We requested and received the curry mayo dip for the fries.

The server was good. Attentive, not intrusive.

The biggest problem (which wasn't a very big problem) for me was the complexity of the beer offerings. Don't tell me about all the great stuff last week, the week before and next week that I can't have. And offering the belgian beers ONLY in 3 beer 5oz tasting flights...? C'mon. I just want a pint. P&F's menu designer saved paper and confused and disappointed customers.

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  1. I was just here on Thursday and intended to write it up.

    Went with a friend. We split the wings. He had the pork sandwich and I had the chicken kabob.

    The chicken wings are quite good. Similar flavor profile to the Muddy Pig's version but fried. The dipping sauce is the right compliment. Overall, a good solid notch above the average.

    Same could be said for the chicken kabob. The cilantro yogurt slaw was a nice match to the curried chicken. I also really enjoyed the mashed potatoes, which are on the thicker side, but full-flavored.

    My friend raved about the pork sandwich, but I didn't try it.

    And yeah, the Belgian beer deal threw us for a loop as well. Not only was it overpriced ($12 for 15 oz. of beer), but it is from the purpose of a beer bar to serve every Belgian in a 5 oz. tasting glass. Very confusing gimmick, and one that even irritated the bartender. On the other hand, the beer selection is generally very strong, so there were plenty of other options.

    Overall, much better than I expected and a good addition to the area. I would definitely return.

    1. Muddy Pig had a Belgian Beer Fest at the same time as both of you went to P&F, and it was the same 5oz glasses - it's possible (likely?) that you experienced a similar, limited time event.

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        I heard that Muddy Pig is owned by same folks as Pig & Fiddle. How's the food at Muddy Pig?

        1. re: JimGrinsfelder

          Leaves a lot to be desired. Have dined their a number of times and haven't been impressed with much. The only thing I'd recommend is the chicken cordon bleu, though their Cuban isn't bad. Great beer list though...