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Oct 27, 2012 02:24 PM

ny chowhounder visiting dc with car and kids for long weekend, what's "must have"?

Kids are adventurous eaters, like all manner of ethnic food, looking for great chinese, thai, vietnamese, japanese noodle, bqq, soul food, etc. What restaurants would we regret not visiting?


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  1. My top five are in my profile:

    Especially consider the Lao and Burmese options.

    In Addition, in DC: Etete for Ethiopian, Rocklands for BBQ, Toki Underground for ramen.

    In Falls Church, go to Eden Center for Vietnamese: Over 23 Viet restaurants and other shops, My favorite places are Bay Lo and Nha Trang, both hidden away within the winding interior hallways. In Arlington, go to Sibarita for Bolivian food. In Wheaton, Ruan Thai.

    Many of my individual menu recs are on this board.

    1. I know you will get some additional great advice, but I thought I'd get you started with some ideas from previous requests for the same info. You are so lucky that your kids are adventurous!