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Oct 27, 2012 01:51 PM

Lambrusco -- does it pair well with wine?

We're thinking of having a pre-storm wine and cheese lunch tomorrow at our favorite local gourmet/cheese spot. Happily, this place is BYO. I've got a bottle of Lambrusco that just never seems the right wine to open, so now I'm wondering if it's cheese-friendly. If so, what cheeses should we pair with it? And, if we don't have it with cheese, what are some good food pairings? Thanks!

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  1. Drink it, maybe lightly chilled, with an uncomplicated lunchtime pasta dish. Don't expect it to contribute much to a cheesefest.

    Have a good storm!

    1. Me think it goes with Charcuterie or roasted meat more than it goes with cheese.


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      1. Thanks! I'll leave the Lambrusco home and bring maybe a Moscato d'Asti instead.

        1. I'm a fan of Lambrusco with Pizza. Cheese-wise, I think it goes well with hard cheeses.

          1. Maybe there was already too much wine when I posted my original query. Of course, I MEANT to ask, "Lambrusco -- does it pair well with CHEESE?"