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Oct 27, 2012 01:37 PM

are ya prepping for Sandy??

Knew I had all the essentials already... toilet paper, cat food/litter, coffee and good "junk" food. Went out today to fill up car with gas... afterward thought this is something I generally do when storm will be bringing snow?? Gas station was INSANE!! One or 2 cars WAITING to get gas at every pump! Noticed many people filling up gas cans/containers... for generators?? I don't have one... hoping power doesn't go out or at least not for long.

Have several small flashlights around the house... and a few big ones with good batteries in them. Have 2 "replica" mining lanterns from my Dad's house... put out nice amount of light. Have a small tv/radio (tv useless) ready... takes nine D batteries.

Don't have a well, so won't be without water if power goes out. Know I can cook on gas stove top, but will have to manually light burners. NOT that I plan to need to use oven, but can you manually start a "modern" gas stove??

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  1. if your range oven has any sort of modern fans,convection etc it won't light

    1. Eh. We are at the Jersey Shore though a bit inland from the barrier islands and we did our running this morning. Since we are not in a flood zone, we just tied down the grill and lawn furniture. I had to take in all my Halloween decorations :(. We did stock up on our 5 gal bottled water and when I stopped at Shop Rite in TR, it was a madhouse. We have our bread and milk and all manner of canned goods but I don't anticipate many problems. We are on the same electric grid (or whatever it's called) with our firehouse, so we normally do not experience power outages. Tomorrow we will cover our picture window with plywood and I am keeping my eye on a dying pine tree in my rear neighbor's yard. I know that sucker's coming down soon, I wish he would just take it down before it takes out my fence. Good luck to everyone...stay safe!


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        Back in the day, we were on the same electric grid as the county prison, so our power outages were minimal. Now that the area has been built up, we've become the Forgotten Few -- 19 homes on a grid that PECO cares nothing about. And they call that progress!

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          <Good luck to everyone...stay safe!>

          I hope everything's okay with you. The coverage/pictures of the Jersey Shore are horribly sad.
          Take care.

        2. Modern gas stoves with electric ignition can't be lit with a match. The gas won't flow if there isn't any juice to the glow plug (I think that's what it's called).

          I have water, canned goods, coffee, candy and wine. Flashlights, candles, radio, manual can opener and a corkscrew.

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          1. re: iluvcookies

            Gas stove tops can be lit with a match. I don't know about the oven. My oven is electric.
            We are fortunate enough to have a nice Honda EU2000 generator that will run our fridge.
            It will also run a light or two.
            When the wind and rain stops we'll use the BBQ.
            Stay safe!!!

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              Ah, yes... I meant the oven part can't be lit. The burners work differently, but the oven is "governed" by the glow plug. Thanks.

          2. Well the Governor declared a state of emergency and I got a message from the City of Cambridge telling us to stock up on non perishables and to keep a first aid kit handy. Since we just got back from a week in Chicago and are seriously low on everything, I have to do my weekly shopping anyway. Might as well purchase less perishables and more none. All else fails we have a camp stove an a little porch out back.

            1. Heck, yeah! We are slightly inland from Long beach island, but still across from a lagoon. I'm a nut with these things. Food, booze, water, cash, gas, flashlights, candles. Do not plan to evacuate. Eating everything in the fridge/freezer.

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              1. re: diablo

                Gasoline, bullets and bourbon....check.

                I'm good.

                1. re: sal_acid

                  Yep. Hurricanes, commies, zombies, I don't care. Bring 'em.