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are ya prepping for Sandy??

Knew I had all the essentials already... toilet paper, cat food/litter, coffee and good "junk" food. Went out today to fill up car with gas... afterward thought this is something I generally do when storm will be bringing snow?? Gas station was INSANE!! One or 2 cars WAITING to get gas at every pump! Noticed many people filling up gas cans/containers... for generators?? I don't have one... hoping power doesn't go out or at least not for long.

Have several small flashlights around the house... and a few big ones with good batteries in them. Have 2 "replica" mining lanterns from my Dad's house... put out nice amount of light. Have a small tv/radio (tv useless) ready... takes nine D batteries.

Don't have a well, so won't be without water if power goes out. Know I can cook on gas stove top, but will have to manually light burners. NOT that I plan to need to use oven, but can you manually start a "modern" gas stove??

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  1. if your range oven has any sort of modern fans,convection etc ...no it won't light

    1. Eh. We are at the Jersey Shore though a bit inland from the barrier islands and we did our running this morning. Since we are not in a flood zone, we just tied down the grill and lawn furniture. I had to take in all my Halloween decorations :(. We did stock up on our 5 gal bottled water and when I stopped at Shop Rite in TR, it was a madhouse. We have our bread and milk and all manner of canned goods but I don't anticipate many problems. We are on the same electric grid (or whatever it's called) with our firehouse, so we normally do not experience power outages. Tomorrow we will cover our picture window with plywood and I am keeping my eye on a dying pine tree in my rear neighbor's yard. I know that sucker's coming down soon, I wish he would just take it down before it takes out my fence. Good luck to everyone...stay safe!


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        Back in the day, we were on the same electric grid as the county prison, so our power outages were minimal. Now that the area has been built up, we've become the Forgotten Few -- 19 homes on a grid that PECO cares nothing about. And they call that progress!

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          <Good luck to everyone...stay safe!>

          I hope everything's okay with you. The coverage/pictures of the Jersey Shore are horribly sad.
          Take care.

        2. Modern gas stoves with electric ignition can't be lit with a match. The gas won't flow if there isn't any juice to the glow plug (I think that's what it's called).

          I have water, canned goods, coffee, candy and wine. Flashlights, candles, radio, manual can opener and a corkscrew.

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            Gas stove tops can be lit with a match. I don't know about the oven. My oven is electric.
            We are fortunate enough to have a nice Honda EU2000 generator that will run our fridge.
            It will also run a light or two.
            When the wind and rain stops we'll use the BBQ.
            Stay safe!!!

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              Ah, yes... I meant the oven part can't be lit. The burners work differently, but the oven is "governed" by the glow plug. Thanks.

          2. Well the Governor declared a state of emergency and I got a message from the City of Cambridge telling us to stock up on non perishables and to keep a first aid kit handy. Since we just got back from a week in Chicago and are seriously low on everything, I have to do my weekly shopping anyway. Might as well purchase less perishables and more none. All else fails we have a camp stove an a little porch out back.

            1. Heck, yeah! We are slightly inland from Long beach island, but still across from a lagoon. I'm a nut with these things. Food, booze, water, cash, gas, flashlights, candles. Do not plan to evacuate. Eating everything in the fridge/freezer.

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                Gasoline, bullets and bourbon....check.

                I'm good.

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                  Yep. Hurricanes, commies, zombies, I don't care. Bring 'em.

              2. Do. Not. Forget. Whiskey and lots of it.

                I prepped for Iwa years ago and seeing boxes flying by my 27th floor condo during that horrifying hurricane I was soooo glad I had it and my radio.
                I wish you all the best.

                1. Large parts of the east coast may be without power for a couple of weeks. Lots and lots of canned/dried food is #1. Getting around may be the most difficult bc of downed trees. You need to be positive you have a source of heat to cook with. Make camp fires. Use your stove racks to put over camp fires. DON"T use fridge racks! They have some sort of coating on them that's toxic.
                  Best of luck to anyone in Sandy's path.

                  1. Power loss to a well pump isn't the only reason to have water on hand. Flooding and power loss to treatment plants can make municipal water unsafe. Even in urban areas, it is a good idea to have water just in case. 3 gallons per person, per day.

                    1. We're a bit inland from the shore (southern Chester County), but in ANY stormy weather system we seem to be the first to lose power and the last to get it back. And in an all-electric house, that means no running water. So... we've got reservations at the nearby Fairfield Inn. What are we bringing along? PB&J, some hard-boiled eggs, salsa and chips, water, deli meats and rolls, and fruit. Oh, and a bottle or two of wine and some stemware.

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                        Us too. Power goes out weekly, even when its sunny!

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                          What makes it especially frustrating for us is that the folks in the development right across my road, and my neighbors in back of me never seem to lose power. I've asked -- BEGGED -- PECO to attach me to one of those nearby circuits, but they won't consider it. We've got underground utilities, but they come up out of the ground 50' from my house.

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                            I think we're the last 20 homes in Chester County still without power. Oh well, there are worse places than the Fairfield Inn, and, considering the devastation not so many miles from here, the inconvenience of a power outage seems hardly worth complaining about.

                        2. We are in Milford, CT about a mile inland from LI Sound, and ~200 yards from the Housatonic River. We lost power for 6 days in Irene. It sucked. We had never lost poser for more than a few minutes in our previous 20 years, so it was a shock. In FL, we were used to losing power for varying amounts of times (albeit not DAYS) almost every day.

                          That said, when i went to the store, I skipped some extra perishables I might normally buy because they are on sale and would get used at some point during the next week, but otherwise did pretty much my normal weekly "big shop". I bought milk and 1/2 and 1/2 because we need it, an extra loaf of bread, and got a couple of cans of ravioli and a box of granola bars. Tuna, peanut butter, etc are always in the cupboard anyway, but I made sure we were stocked before I went. Stop and Shop was not nearly as "day- before- Thanksgiving" crazy as I expected it to be (the gas station is a whole 'nother story, and I was on E). Checked the lanterns and flashlights. All of electronics are charged. We have bottled water delivery and several new 5 gal bottles. And, of course, I have plenty of food for the dogs. We are as ready as we're getting :) (which usually means there was really nothing to get ready for).

                          Hope everyone in her path stays safe!

                          1. I did the bulk of my last minute shopping last night and the stores were not really crowded. But this morning Mr. Rat woke up with a nasty cold, so I had to go out this afternoon to get to pick up tissues, cough syrup and Nyquil. The lines at the Key Food were literally out the door - and we're in eastern Astoria (i.e., not near the water). Comically most people seemed to be stocking up on beer (well, of course that's sensible) and snack food. The woman ahead of me in line had 6 2-liter bottles of diet soda, 3 half gallons of ice cream, four packages of Yodels, two big bags of Cheetos - and nothing else!

                            1. Huh, I always have the essentials--tp, D batteries, soup, Iams and tuna for the cats, batteries for the radio and a fully charged cell phone..

                              I ventured out at 9:30 Sat. Not because of the impending storm, but because I was hosting the annual H'ween party. Ice was no problem. My car was at 1/8th of a tank, so I pulled in to a station--4 of 8 tanks were empty. The other 4 had hoarders of gas.

                              We're good for a few days.

                              1. Giant meat loaf, Beer, vodka, extra shells for the 12 gauge and ice cream. All set.

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                                  Oh yeah, forgot to mention I also picked up a Harpoon Autumn sampler, and 1.5 L bottles of vodka and spiced rum. One *does* have to keep warm, after all.

                                2. wine and Halloween candy.
                                  also peanut butter (if it doesn't kill us), canned soup, big roasted chicken and DH's homemade pizza, good hot or cold.
                                  we have a generator which will power our microwave and fridge, but not our hot water heater. we were out for a week during Snowmageddon, during which time i was trying to wash dishes using hot water heated in the wave. this time i'm going with paper.

                                  1. Prescription Medications.....

                                    1. I'm wondering how all of you contributors to this thread are doing today, now that the storm has passed butt left its terrible mark behind. Are you guys okay? Anything the rest off us can do to help? Here's hopingyou;re all in good shape...!

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                                        Thanks for asking Caroline.

                                        I live in a magical little pocket of Montgomery County, PA. All around us are downed trees and electric lines, but we escaped with little more than downed branches. But I'm the only one I know who was so lucky (both sisters are still without power and one has a tree through the roof and a hole in the bedroom wall). At least I just have a few hundred sticks and branches to pick up and 2 tons of leaves to rake ;)

                                        I wonder how those who didn't prepare are faring. Most of the local grocery stores are closed due to lack of power, the remainder are running on generators and have *very* limited inventory and are only accepting cash. And don't even try to get gas to drive around looking for supplies or to run generators--most of the stations have no power and those that do have run out of gas.

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                                          No power until Saturday, so they say, but we still have plenty of batteries, shot gun shells and alcohol so we're doing a lot better than many. Thanks for asking.

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                                            I don't know what made me search out this thread but now that I'm here, it's really made me realize how completely unprepared for a disaster we are. My wife and two little kids went out for a visit early last week, and are currently "stranded" in upper Manhattan after fleeing Long Island (no power/heat). Flight home (to L.A.) was Wed. (yesterday), but they re-booked early to this Saturday. They were also lucky to find this apt. of a cousin in Manhattan. Huge areas across Long Island are w/o power. I don't want to say too much since I'm not there, and I'm just worried in a very visceral way.

                                            There are already some horrible stories emerging and we haven't heard the last of it I'm sure. Damage is so widespread, and it's still early, and so it's hard to get your head around what's happened. My wife keeps telling (well, texting) me not to worry, but I guess what I can say from this would be to seriously stock up on long-lasting, protein/nutrient rich food that doesn't need heating or refrigeration, and water, fix the fireplace if it's busted, and stock up on wood, matches and candles. All common-sense stuff that sort of washes over us whenever we hear it, because hey, it can't really happen.

                                            My wife's family is lucky, they have family. As you've seen on the news, the effects have been radically patchy - some neighborhoods fine, people out strolling, others down the road blacked out and suffering. This is happening on a scale that can't really be addressed coherently, at least early on (hence Red Cross takes "days" to get anywhere). Families are shifting around, people staying with friends if they can get across town. Many didn't have that option, but there's also this hurricane-party complacency even (especially?) when you're in the middle of it, or about to be. I basically had to beg my wife to leave Long Island on Tuesday night and was furiously trying to reach hotels that were open - she was just going to wait it out.

                                            Hope people are hanging in there.

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                                              Thanks for asking. Got power back late yesterday, and cable and internet back today. Other than some roof tiles and lots of tress and branches down, no damage to our place. Cell service and texting have been very unreliable. They are making progress, but some areas won't have power again until probably Mon- Tues. Tried to grocery shop today, but certain shelves are pretty much bare- one of the stores I went to was clearing and replacing perishables, but had maybe 1/10 of what they normally have in the meat and dairy depts, nothing in fish or bakery. Attaching a pic of the bagged salad area. But, we have it better than those in jersey, many of whom have lost everything.

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                                                was that at Stop & Shop on Old Gate or Silver Sands? I have to shop for my brother in Milford tomorrow and mother in New Haven. The S&S here in Trumbull is pretty wiped out.

                                                1. re: bagelman01

                                                  That pic actually was Fairfield by the rotary- Silver Sands(my normal venue) was much better stocked the last time I was there(the morning of the storm).

                                              2. re: Caroline1

                                                I live at the Jersey Shore and the area is trashed, destroyed, etc. We were very lucky and got power back after just one day. We had a generator running so we didn't lose the fridge and we were able to get online to see what was going on. Several family members just got power back yesterday and my sister and friends still don't have power. They are saying it could be another week before they are restored.

                                                Our fence blew apart and we had some large branches come down. The one tree in the center of our backyard is leaning toward the house and leans more each day. We finally had a tree service from Georgia come by yesterday and they will be taking it down either today or tomorrow. None of the local companies ever returned my calls.

                                                Just to add insult to injury, there is a nor'easter (rain, wind, flooding event.... sound familiar?) coming to hit us on Wed/Thurs. I am afraid to see what that will do to the area....

                                              3. I did my grocery shopping on Sat morning and filled up my car with gas and also filled my little gas tank in case there was chainsaw work that needed to be done. I got out my candles, oil lamps, battery lanterns and my little LED headlamp.

                                                I roasted a chicken on Sunday with some veggies and I ate that in different variations over the next couple days. Since my power came back last night, my dogs are now enjoying the last of the chicken and I had meatloaf - anything but chicken!

                                                No major damage in central CT, but I hope those by the shore and the NY/NJ hounds are safe!

                                                1. I was surprised how many people were cooking the day before the storm - when winds were quite strong - and during it. Unless you're using a grill, or have a gas stove/oven that works during an outage, it's tempting fate. Nothing you can do if the power goes when you've just put the meatloaf into the oven..... If a bad storm is approaching, I try to plan meals which cook quickly.