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Oct 27, 2012 01:06 PM

ISO a really good tried and true nut loaf recipe

I'd like to make a nut loaf to go with my wild mushroom gravy but have never had a terrific one. Eggs ok. Can I bind it with oats?

A vegetarian friend who doesn't cook requested this for her birthday dinner, so I don't mind if it is a bit labor intensive as long as it tastes very very good ;=)

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  1. This recipe is very easy and delicious. It does have other things than nuts in it but there is a good amount of nuts in there. Everyone who I have served this to loves it.

    Even my meat loving mother in law. It is her favorite dish to eat at our house when she visits! DH is jealous she likes it better than meaty things he makes.

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      thanks for the rec - the recipe looks great. i think i'm gonna try it out this week -

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        thanks, etoiles. I appreciate it though I was hoping for something nuttier and grainier ;)

        Any other thoughts out there?

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          I had this at a friend's Thanksgiving once. I asked her for the recipe and she was embarrassed at how simple it was. This is a kickass loaf.

        2. this is great!

          I used quinoa instead of rice last time; I think rice works better (tends to get less crispy). Don't let it overcook.

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              I like the sound of that very much. Thanks.