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Oct 27, 2012 12:25 PM

Best commercial blender?

I hate lots of appliances in the kitchen, but am wary of ditching many for one that doesn't do everything.... I used to work in a kitchen and seem to remember a proper commercial blender being able to do just about everything, and is potentially capable of ridding of a residential blender, cuisinart (I don't mind prep work with knives, I quite like it), and juicer? They do just about everything.

But - Is that realistic?

I know Blendtech and Vitamix are exceptional, but any of you prefer industrial / commercial blenders over those? What do you use? Can they actually juice? I am not opposed to spending the money on something that will last forever and slim down on kitchen appliances. Any advice helps! Thank you!

(pic not related, just a dose of fun)


most comparisons are old. This one is recent, but i would love to hear all your experiences recently. Thank you!

Vitamix vs Blendtech:

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. All professional kitchens I have worked in have used a vita prep which is in theory a commercial version of a vitamix

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          It's a fantastic blender. Also, it comes with a tamp, and a few other things that make it rise above something like blendtech. thanks for the input!