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Oct 27, 2012 11:32 AM

tortilla press question

I'm using a tortilla press for the first time. In order to avoid having the tortilla stick to the press, I'd like to spray PAM on it. Most people suggest wrapping it in plastic, and I might do that, but all things being equal (or close to it), I'd prefer to use PAM.

Anyone care to weigh in?

Also, I'm making flour tortillas, even though I understand those are traditionally rolled.

Thanks mucho!


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  1. Hey there! Try the PAM and report back... worst thing is you waste the dough for a tortilla or two. I'm also curious to hear how flour dough works on a press...

    1. I Googled your question and added "Rick Bayless," and his recommendation seems to be not to use a tortilla press for flour tortillas (as you mentioned) and also to use plastic to cover the press for corn tortillas:

      Also, here is a previous thread you might find interesting:

      Side note that I made flour tortillas just last night, and I can see why a press might be a bad idea for the texture of the final product. Flour tortilla dough can a little tough to hand-roll out, like a pie crust dough that has been handled too much, but the texture makes sense in order to make a tortilla that stands up to holding a filling of any sort. And, after cooking the "tough" dough indeed puffs into lighter layers that manage to hold up to whatever you put in the finished tortillas while not having a tough final consistency. I can see where a press would just mush the dough's fat and flour together too much and change the final texture into something even tougher. Hand-rolling flour tortilla dough is a bit more time consuming, but I think you might find a texture difference in the final product. However, if you are "pressed" for time (sorry -- bad pun), I can see where you'd experiment with flour tortillas and a tortilla press.

      1. I have never had much success using a tortilla press for flour tortillas. Waxed paper and plastic wrap both failed to do the job I was hoping for. I never tried PAM and am anxious to read about your experience with that. I'm currently convinced that rolling them remains the best method.

        1. definitely use the plastic - and what my friends from Guatemala use is that almost foggy type of plastic (as opposed to cling wrap) that one gets in the produce section bags --- just cut the bag open and there you go

          they use this method for corn dough - not white flour tortillas.

          also - careful you don't scratch your kitchen counter with the UNDERSIDE of your tortilladora (press)

          1. Mexican-American chick here. Can't use PAM! Never heard of it, grandma, great-grandma, every Mexican I know uses either plastic wrap (Saran-wrap), plastic from a giant ziplock baggie, or plastic from a plastic grocery bag. Don't know what kind of press you're using (metallic or wood), but if it's metallic, do you really want any of that shiny aluminum type paint flecks on your tortillas? NO!!! he plastic can be a pain when it wrinkles up on the masa, but. About using a press for flour, you don't need to! Tortilla presses are usually used with masa!

            For flour tortillas, act like you're making miniature pizzas but use a rolling pin (if you really don't want to make a mess you can can cover your counter with saran wrap). Flour your area, roll a tiny ball, flour your rolling pin and roll out your little tortilla! Hope I could help