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Oct 27, 2012 10:53 AM

Baby-friendly Santa Barbara spot with goat and/or other interesting eats?

5 adults in our 30s, one Nanna age 65 and one 10 month old looking for a unique spot to have lunch on a saturday. It would be great if they have high chairs, take reservations and have relatively easy parking .

I'd love to try goat, but this is not a requirement.

Looking for any and all suggestions.



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  1. Some of the small family friendly taquerias on Milpas street and elsewhere serve goat. Might want to also try El Paseo restaurant downtown for family friendly. Very lovely setting, parking right next door. Families have reported good results with Passcuci's as well.

    Interesting food for lunch is Scarlett Begonia and Julienne. Scarlett Begonia is doing a whole "animal" for special dinners now - so maybe goat will be on one of their upcoming menu -- might want to check and maybe they might have some leftovers showing up in dishes for lunch that week.

    There is a slew of new restaurants recently opened which I have not yet tried and they all look pretty ambitious and several are French inspired so you may be in luck with any one of them as goat is not an alien life force to the new cuisine they are serving up. Young chefs are family people too so cne would assume they are equally family friendly and happy to accommodate those starting out early and learning about dining well.

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      Thank you for the insightful suggestions! I will definitely look into El Paseo, Passcuci's and Julienne.

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        There were recent threads here about "child friendly" restaurants in Santa Barbara which are worth a search since this was an aspect some of us had not considered before when reviewing restaurants. I also may be in error over opening times for lunch on Saturday for both Julienne and EL Paseo - please do check. Scarlett Begonia is open for Saturday lunch and has lovely outdoor seating areas in a quiet courtyard. Very nice choice.

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            El Paseo has new management and has gotten far more positive reviews than in the past, when agree it was pretty much at the bottom of anyone's list. Keep in mind what the OP was looking for: goat meat, variety of menu, family friendly, and close by parking.