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Oct 27, 2012 10:29 AM


In your opinion which is the restaurant that serve the most traditional Thanksgiving meal in downtown area, my parents will be in NYC to celebrate with me the Thanksgiving and i don't where i can bring them, my father eats a lot so i need a place where they serve big portions, there's no budget limit

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  1. Go to to see what's open in your preferred neighborhood. Check the offered menus on menu and the restaurant's own websites. If you check the profile comments in menupages, you'll be able to figure out those restaurants which serve small portions. If the holiday menus aren't posted yet, you should call the restaurants directly. When you've got your selection down to several - ask again here about what people know of the restaurants that you like. Just about EVERY restaurant that offers a Thanksgiving Prix Fixe has the traditional turkey dinner as well as offerings of beef, fish, vegetarian, etc., so it shouldn't be hard to find the Turkey Dinner part of your quest.

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    1. re: Jane A.

      Hi Jane i followed your advice now my choice is between these restaurants: Mas farmer, il buco, Perilla, Maialino, Recette, Alison, Wallse, Perry street and Leyla.
      I've been to all of these restaurants except Leyla (menu seems really interesting) and Alison.
      If you can give me a suggestion, thank you

      1. re: Andypre

        i really like alison, but i think that their thanksgiving menu, which is already up on their site, looks a little skimpy, both in terms of options (only three) and dining window (four til seven thirty).

        mas farmhouse would be my first instinct, given the room, the kind of food on their regular menu and their typical portions. never been to leyla, il buco or maialino.