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Oct 27, 2012 10:27 AM

Casual Varick street

Going to Blood Manor exhibit(Haunted House)tonight-163 Varick Street-Any recommendations for decent,casual,not over the top pricey.I know its a last minute posting.I am aware it is not that far from Little Italy and Chinatown-Thanks

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  1. You are not in the Little Italy / Chinatown area.

    You have DOZENS of Soho and Village options though.

    Look on OT for the following;

    The Dutch
    Hundred Acres
    Blue Ribbon

    Miss Lily's

    I could go on.........

    1. Yeah, I would have gone to Chinatown, probably. Or Arturo's, as thegforceny mentioned (not Jane, though). So, where did you go, and how was it?

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        The night did not flow as I had expected-We were a group of 6 that went to the Blood Manor Haunted House.Because we waited a long time to do this it messed up any plans for something decent.We wound up taking a walk to find something and went to a bar/restaurant across from the prior mentioned Aqua Grill----Thik it was called the Soho Room-Mediocre bar food but a good cold beer after being on our feet for a few hours.What was bizarre was that a wedding party of about 40 came into the small place after we got there-would never had expected that but made it a fun hangout