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Oct 27, 2012 09:41 AM

Business trip to Seattle need recs

Im going to be in Seattle for two days on business. I need a recommendation on where to take myself out to dinner the first night. This is my first time visiting Seattle and I am from the Bay Area, where I typically
Ike to spend my weekends searching out great restaurants. Since I will be by myself, I would prefer somewhere that has a bar for me to eat at. Price isn't really a concern, I just want to go to a fun place that uses fresh ingredients. I love most cuisines, but am partial to French and Japanese. Thanks in advance for your help!

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      1. Matt's in the Market
        Le Pichet

        1. For Japanesse, try Shiro's or Nishino. Shiro is more traditional sushi; Nishino is very creative.

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          1. re: bourbongal

            Thank you for the suggestion. I am leaning towards Shiro :)

          2. Revel.
            Korean and French flavors. Very fresh. The kitchen counter bar is spacious. It can be a bit noisy during peak times.

            Steelhead Diner would be a bit more relaxing than Revel. It has small kitchen counter bar and a very nice cocktail bar. It gets mixed reviews on this board, but I've been many times over the past three years, and I always love my meal. And very good friendly service.

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              I second Revel, definitely some of the most 'different' (In a good way) food I've found in Seattle. Though my advice if you pick Revel is to avoid the dumplings and the pancakes. (They're still good, but the rest of the menu is far better in my opinion.)

              Don't miss the corned lamb salad!

              1. re: OrigamiDuck

                Thank you! Sounds very interesting and delicious. Will have to try and make it there!