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Oct 27, 2012 09:12 AM

Kang Hodong Baekjeong comments?

Any feedback on this place? Conisdering going here with a group. Yelpers like it but I would rather hear here.

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  1. Go early (before 630.. maybe even before 6), if possible make reservations. Otherwise the wait is ridiculous, especially for larger parties.

    When I went, the quality of meat appeared to be quite high, especially the pork. The prices seemed reasonable for the portion/quality, but are on the higher side in ktown... You'd be able to get slightly lower quality meat at larger portions elsewhere.

    Service is nice and attentive, but as the place gets busier, your table may be forgotten. Also the largely-male wait staff prefer to help tables with hot korean girls over your table (at least when I went). My family became invisible after a pair of college aged korean girls sat next to us lol. Then again, you're going with a group so you may be better off.

    Id go again but I hated the wait so much I'm not sure I feel the want to.

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      We were there tonight...but 6:00 or 6:30 on a Saturday night, as jasongg06 has suggested, is way too late to get in quickly. They were packed by 5:30 with a long line outside. We sat down at 4:45; we were told that they were packed for lunch today.

      It is a very cool place...I love the Chapman Plaza cobblestone courtyard.

      The meat was of fine quality, especially the marinated boneless short ribs. All the accompaniments were very different from what one might be served at Parks, for example.

      Our service was extremely attentive! We never had to wait for anything and they -- both male and female wait staff -- checked up on us quite frequently. If I attempted to turn our meat as it was cooking, someone was there with a tongs ahead of me. Also, they cut the meat to our specified size...smaller bites for me and larger bites for my DH. Service was most gracious, friendly and accommodating!

      They do not take reservations. If you don't want to valet park in the courtyard, there is parking on Sixth.

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        I went with a group of four last night. They actually seated two of us before the rest of the party arrived, around 5:55pm. We ordered one regular beef combo, one regular pork combo, and a "lunchbox." The beef was the clear favorite of the group, but there were no complaints to be had about the pork either. The quality of the protein was remarkable, especially for the price: our check came out to $100 for four! And we were waddling to our cars. I can definately see myself returning again.

      2. Does anyone know what their hours are, and whether the wait is bearable at a (much) later time? I really want to try this place!

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          According to MenuPages (, they're open daily from 11:30 AM to 1 AM. I presume a Monday night at 9 PM would probably not be packed, but what do I know?

          Edit: Another site ( says weekdays is 11 AM to 1 AM but weekends are 4:30 PM to 1 AM.

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            I must revise what I said above (but no edit button?) I'd recommend going before 5pm like liu said. When I went, I arrived at 5pm and was seated by 545. So i recommended getting there before 6pm.

            Anyways, the wait only gets longer throughout the night, I would definitely not recommend going later.. as the size of the line increased at least ten fold when I left around 8pm.

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