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Oct 27, 2012 08:36 AM

Good Grocery and Fishmongers in Lahaina Area

We'll be in Maui for 12 days, with 7 days in Lahaina. Our hotel suite in Lahaina has a full kitchen and exterior grill. We'd like to cook a few times for low key family dinners. I really want to take advantage of fresh produce and fish in the area, but would lve some suggestions as to the best places in the area to hit up. I'm also okay with a bit of a drive elsewhere. Thanks in advance!

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  1. There is a huge Foodland in Lahaina town, or The Fish Market restaurant serves, and sells local fish.

    1. There is also a good Times Supermarket in Napili.

      1. Foodland Farms is a slightly more upscale Foodland, I like Safeway too and The Fish Market Maui on Lower Honoapiilani Rd has good fish.

        Depending on when you come in, where you are staying, etc, Costco by the airport has great fish and meats and there is a Whole Foods, also near the airport. If you were moving from Wailea to Ka'anapali, it might be worth it to swing up that way.

        The Farmer's Market of Honokowai is MWF.