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Jun 19, 2005 09:13 AM

Best Burger in Modesto?

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What restaurant has the best burger in Modesto? All opinions are welcome. The best fries would hopefully be at the same place too!

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  1. "Barking Dog" downtown is good J and 11th

    1. The burger at the Harvest Moon with cheddar and BBQ sauce, no bacon, and a side of garlic fries or better yet, sweet potato fries.

      If you prefer it less cooked, let them know... The ends can get a little crispy, but it's usually very juicy and flavorful.

      1. Tresetti's makes a great burger, but (unless things have changed) they only do it Friday for lunch.
        For a truly unique Modesto burger experience, however, the Knockout Burger at Scenic Drive-In (corner of Scenic and Coffee) is a must. Get a shake, and you'll be doin' alright!

        1. Many years ago I was introduced to the Knockout burger at the Scenic Drive-In on Scenic Drive in Modesto. Whenever my travels takes me through Modesto, I make it a point to enjoy this wonderfully tasty burger. I have friends who pilot their own plane from Fresno to Modesto just to have one. Do yourself a favor and try it, you won't regret it.

          Bakersfield, CA

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            I've been eating the Big Ben burger at Web's Drive-in on 7th Street for the past forty plus years. Other than the fact it has made me 80 pounds overweight I would say there is no better burger in Modesto.

            Actually, the Diana-mo-hum burger at The Harvest Moon is great too. Do they still give you a T-shirt if you eat it all??