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Oct 27, 2012 07:20 AM

Missing Baltimore chef

Does anyone know if Jeff Smith the former owner of the chameleon cafe is starting another restaurant or cooking somewhere?

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  1. I have been wondering the same thing. The Chameleon is still okay but not what it once was.

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      I went there over the sumnmer and for the first time had a bad dish. That was my first clue that Jeff was out of the picture. I'll keep you posted if I hear of anything.

    2. Smith has been in the kitchen at The Chameleon when I have been, even since the new chef has been there. I don't think I've visited since the summer though.

      Every new dish I have tried has been excellent except one - but that is still a fantastic average. I do miss Jeff Smith's dishes too... but am very happy with the changes to date.

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        And what of other once-amous chefs? I'm thinking of Connie Vogelhut of Crabtree's--who on one stormy Tuesday night in the late 1970s cooked me--no help in the kitchen-- a spectacular dinner while nestling a newborn on her arm the whole time.

      2. Off topic a bit, but I had an excellent dinner at the Chameleon last night. The french onion soup may have been the best I've ever had (probably thanks to the lamb neck bone that was used in it!). The restaurant's name will change very soon to Maggie's Farm. I just moved to the area and apparently the new owners have been in effect for months now. I've eaten there several times and have been extremely impressed.

        1. Part of an answer
          Jeff Smith DIRECTOR and founder
          MARYLAND FARM TO TABLE 1 443 762 1677

          I think it is now profitable.What else maybe on his plate,you can always ask him.