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Oct 27, 2012 04:54 AM

Immersion Blender?

Do you prefer a cordless one? Do they scratch up the enamel on an enameled pot or even a non stick pot?

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  1. My le crueset has has no problems with my Bamix. I have a cord but if the power was the same and I was in the market for a new one I would go cordless.

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      Ditto, use my Bamix in the Le Creuset without any scratches or problems. The cord has never been an issue for me, I just worry that cordless ones would die on me over time as the battery disintegrates over time and then you have to replace it.

    2. While mine is corded, it doesnt scratch. There is a plastic blade guard that prevents any metal parts from coming in contact with the pot.

      1. Mine, while corded has a plastic guard over the blade which prevents any metal parts from coming in contact with the pot.

        1. I have had a corded Braun for years that I love. I actually prefer one with a cord. That way I can keep it in a drawer instead of leaving it out all the time. It doesn't scratch as the blade is high enough from the surface to come in contact with the pot.

          1. All have a guard, so the blade does not contact the pan. A plastic guard might be marginally better than a metal one, but you would have to be aggressive to mar or scratch a pan with either. Mostly you move the blender up and down, or just run it lightly over the pan bottom. There's no point in banging or scratching the pan with the guard.

            That said, if I do use an immersion blender in a pot, it is most likely a stainless steel sauce pan. The contents will be deeper than in a wider fry pan, and the higher rim protects against splatter. Nonstick is useful in a fry pan, but not so much so in a sauce pan. For small quantities it is best to put them in the deep cup that came with the blender.