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Oct 27, 2012 04:39 AM

Hibachi in Rockland or Nearby?

My daughter wants to have hibachi for her birthday day. There are a few places in the area. We've been to Kiku, and were not to happy with it. There's the new Hibachi Factory in the mall, UMe Hibachi, Gasho, and another place in White Plains. Are there any hibachi fanatics out there, and what's your favorite?

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  1. It may be a little far but I like Okinawa in Ossining (Westchester).

    1. I like Okinawa too. Also - in Pelham, there's Edo - which is my favorite. They know their hibachi! Nagoya in Yonkers (Highridge Shopping Center) is another good place. Hope the birthday girl enjoys her day!

      1. We ended up staying close and tried the Hibachi Factory, The chef we had was great. The food was standard hibachi. My only complaint is the atmosphere. The lighting was too bright. The music was at a background annoying low tone where you barely heard it but knew it was on. I would definitely go back, but it's more for special dates since it is a bit pricey.