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Oct 26, 2012 10:04 PM

Help I forgot to turn my crockpot on!

I made a beef stew (cholent) for my family with a lot of beef and beans and I forgot to turn it on for 4 to 5 hours, not sure exactly. As soon as I realized it I turned it on to the highest setting for 1.5 hours and now it is on the Low setting bubbling. It will be cooking on low for at least 12 hours more because my family is orthodox and they will be wanting to eat it tomorrow for lunch.
Is it ok to feed them or should I break the news that there is no cholent stew for Saturday lunch because I spoiled the meat?? It smells good and I am feeling terrible about this can I serve it to them tomorrow?

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  1. There have been any number of threads about food left out, most of the time it's food that was cooked and not put away afterwards. There is a good chance it's fine, but the safe answer is to dump it, especially if you are going to feed your whole family

    1. Darn it I was thinking I may have to dump it :( that is so upsetting

      1. Does it make a difference that the meat being kosher was very salted beforehand to remove all blood etc?

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          Nope - toss it. When in doubt, throw it out. I know it sucks, but foodborne illness sucks even more.

        2. Considering the length of cooking time, I would take a chance on it myself, and I'm normally very cautious about this sort of thing. I think there's a big difference between food that sat out a little too long before being cooked for a very long time, and food that sat out for a very long time after being cooked, which is rarely heated very hot or very long before being eaten.

          1. You could refrigerate it for later and test-taste it. If no ill effects, serve it later.