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Oct 26, 2012 06:10 PM

How much do you tip when you get take-out? [Moved from SF Bay Area board]

Let's say you've ordered indian food for take-out, at the counter or over the phone. I normally don't tip 15%, because it wasn't a full service meal. But I want to tip something - do you tip 10%, or just a couple of dollars even if you've ordered $80 worth of food?

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  1. It depends on who has to "assemble" it. If it is a server, 10%, a hostess or manager, $5 or so.

        1. Zero. What sense does it make to tip for something that was never waited on?

          1. There are loads of related topics if you search here or using Google (search for "chowhound tipping takeout"), but here's one of the longer ones with posts from 5 years ago and thjs year:


            1. I tip 10%- after all, someone put effort into assembling it into containers, making sure the condiments and utensils are correct, and packaging it so that it doesn't fall apart in the bag. It's not all that different from bringing the plated meal to your table except for the lack of follow up service. Obviously, though, I don't tip somewhere where I wouldn't tip for sit down service like Chipotle.

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                Well, they're not cleaning up after you which is a nice feature of eating out.

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                  Lol true. That would be the lack of follow up service.

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                    well many waiters are not cleaning up after you either... the busboys are. many Togo people get paid the same as servers.. $4 an hour. meaning they work off tips. although you may not get the same face-to-face experience... they take your order over the phone, deal with any complications, deal with the kitchen, bag/assemble your food, take your payment & some restaurants bring it out to your car. all the while, they are dealing with many more customers yet trying their hardest to make you satisfied with ur takeout experience. although some people just don't understand the difficulty of the job, it isn't the easiest & definitely deserves the recognition when not even getting paid minimum wage because expectancy of tips.

                    1. re: apet606

                      I agree with you regardless of the base hourly wage. That wage varies from state to state. Here in California it's $8.00 and I STILL think a tip of some kind is deserved when it's clear that more than just cursory service was performed. As much as I try I can't get comfortable with those who feel takeout deserves no tip at all....... ever.