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Oct 26, 2012 05:06 PM

Where in the world is Mariscos German Meyer?

Only one day left in my holy grail search for the perfect seafood taco, and what a sad journey of has been. 3 days ago I went to a parking lot in City Heights only to see... Nothing. Then 2 days ago I tried 2802 ocean blvd and again there was nothing.

Last night I thought it would be safer to try a permanent establishment, so I tried Cuatro Milpas for an early dinner. Arriving at 5pm I found it closed. I had to settle for cafe coyote miles away in old town, which was touristy and disappointing.

So this is it: last chance. Where the F is the GD MGB truck?!

I need to know where it will be Saturday (tomorrow) morning, so I can stuff myself before spending 7 hours in a plane. Yelp suggests there is no (working) phone number, hours of operation are who knows?, and it's even possible some or even all locations now have different names.

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  1. Try the parking lot of the grocery store @ 30th & Grape. The truck at 35th & Uni has moved to 35th & El Cajon. Best fish taco is arguably the El Pescador truck in the Toys R Us parking lot in Chula Vista. Palomar exit off the I-5

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      +1 for El Pescador. A bonus is that it doesn't move. Their whole menu is good, but their $1.35 fish taco with consommé is the single best deal in SD in my opinion. I could eat five of them easily.

      Exit L street, not Palomar, go back over the freeway, and turn right before the trolley tracks. It's up ahead on your right.


      p.s. Shrimp and arrachera taco is sublime.

      1. re: SaltyRaisins

        Their torta's mixta and goubenador are also awesome!

      2. re: DiningDiva

        Thanks hounds - dining diva got me there with the 30th and Grape tip, which took me to an IGA parking lot. The governor and fish taco were a perfect end to my California adventure, and I'm so glad I found it. These guys seriously need a website though!

        1. re: non sequitur

          Actually, they don't need a website, which is part of why it's a cool, quirky experience that harks back to a simpler time when word of mouth was enough to let a business thrive.
          I'm glad you enjoyed the tacos. I eat here pretty often and haven't been let down yet.