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Mezze Closing

Damn, I liked the place too (although I've been only once)...

Eater LA: http://la.eater.com/archives/2012/10/...
LA Weekly: http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/20...

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  1. Well, that is too bad. We really enjoyed our last experience there and can't wait for their new location.

    1. Their food was indeed wonderful. The location not so good. In anticipation I hopefully await their new home soon. Best of luck to them.

      1. I don't know if they've considered any new locations yet, but the issues that their current location have been cursed with is symptomatic of the area in general. This neighborhood is beyond maxed out when considering the density and traffic. Adding one more challenge, detour or obstacle around these parts results in chaos. I hope they consider moving closer to the Westside-proper for selfish reasons. Making the drive over to that part of town is like considering rubbing a cheese grater across my forehead.

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          +1 for "I hope they consider moving closer to the Westside-proper for selfish reasons."

        2. Tonight is sadly their dinner last service at this location.

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          1. Bummer! I agree with bula, hope they consider moving west of the 405.....

            1. Is this the joint that serves Pastrami on the weekends almost good enough to remind one of real pastrami like Langer's. ?

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                Yeah it was part of their Jewish Sunday Suppers.

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                  You can still get chef Micah Wexler's tasty pastrami sandwich at Umamicatessen in Downtown LA.

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                    Btw. Do you have any clue what donut replaced the foie gras. Crushed peanuts, and grape jelly donut at Umamicatessen ????


                    1. re: kevin

                      According to their menu last week, their donuts change daily.

              2. Love Mezze. I like them in West Hollywood. A great location would be the south west corner of Melrose and Switzer. Forget what restaurant was there last, but it's a great venue and I saw it is available.

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                  If you are referring to the SE corner of Melrose & Sweetzer, it was Philippe Chow, and now is being taken back by Adolfo Suaya, who previously operated Dolce in the same space.
                  It will be called Orleans.

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                      Well, assuming we are both referring to the same property, here is the posting notice that went on the building 1-2 weeks ago:
                      http://wwwup .abc.ca.gov/datport/LQSData.asp?ID=65546972
                      This location is a couple of blocks west of the PaliHotel where Wolf In Sheep's Clothing will be relocating.
                      If any other building, well....

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                          Thats the landlord's app. They are going to lese it, not operate, No operator is in place yet.

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                          I have it on very good source that this is not correct. They ran with the story based on the application.

                  1. Went for dinner last wednesday and there were literally 2 other parties all night. We were commenting on how they cant be covering their expenses on a night like that, and now its obvious that they have not been able to do so. Hopefully they will land somewhere else soon.