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Oct 26, 2012 04:27 PM

Halloween BONES--need some ideas for blood..

Rainey posted this great link last year for Halloween bones:

I'd like to make a savory version of these bones for work and serve them with "blood" that people could dip the bones into. The only blood option I can think of is Romesco Sauce. Anyone have any other ideas for the blood?

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  1. I wonder if you could use beets?
    However, a simple marinara sauce would give you a red for blood. It just won't be deep blood red.

    1. If you make a "savory" version of these, any good jarred marinara sauce (or even a non-chunky "picante" salsa) would work well as a dipping sauce.

      No suggestions at all for a sweet version.

      1. Sun dried tomato pesto? Leave out the basil to avoid the green specks

        1. I was searching for Halloween recipes last night, and came across a beet dip recipe that looked pretty nasty.

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          1. I think the closest thing you'll come to blood in the food world is grenadine syrup. It is, however, sweet.