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Oct 26, 2012 04:09 PM

Bake in Roaster Oven

My regular oven is not working. I want to bake. I have a Rival Roaster Oven and would like to use it to bake bread or desserts. Does anyone have any tips for me or should I perhaps, just give this up until I find a new stove with oven.

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  1. I have never baked in our roaster oven (Nesco) but according to the instructions you preheat to the desired temperature, about 20 minutes and place the roast/bake rack in the well and place your bread or pie or whatever, in its baking dish or pan, on the rack following your recipe. Their website has the manuals online with instructions, and I would assume Rivals has it as well if you have misplaced your manual. Good luck.

    1. The Breville 800XL "toaster oven" worked for me for several months. I broiled some great steaks, cooked great pizza , etc. It's a little spendy for $250 but, it was money well spent for ME.