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Oct 26, 2012 03:50 PM

Clorine tasting vegatables.

I just read thread here about sprouts treated with clorine. Does any one know how prevalent this is and what veggies could be treated. At restaurants several times I have picked up a "clorine" taste. Has anybody had a similar experience?

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  1. if it's at a restaurant, I'd bet you're tasting sanitizer. gack.

    1. if you tasted or smelled it in raw vegetables, it was probably residual cleaning solution used either by the restaurant or the supplier. bagged lettuce & packaged vegetables often have a nasty chemical odor from that stuff, which is why i don't buy them.

      if you smelled or tasted it in seafood, it wasn't fresh. ammonia is a by-product of decomposition, so it builds up when the fish spoils. species like skate and shark can also taste like ammonia if not cleaned properly because they actually excrete urine through their skin. i actually learned that many years ago after ordering sauteed skate wing in a restaurant. i was convinced the plate must have had windex or another cleaning solution on it because my nose was burning from the they brought me another order, and the same thing happened! it was a long time before i could bring myself to eat skate again.

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      1. Any sanitized salad greens have been chlorine treated.