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Oct 26, 2012 03:23 PM

Best all-day breakfast in Queens?

An old friend of mine is back in the States for a visit (her husband is in the Foreign Service in Chile) and is jonesing for a great American-style breakfast in outer Queens or western Nassau. Has to be a diner or all-day breakfast place open late Sunday afternoon.

The ideal place would have good food and a quiet atmosphere so we can catch up.Parking would be a plus. My own fave breakfast place is Relish, in King's Park, but it's just too far a trek east!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. In Bayside you have Jackson Hole on Bell Blvd. or the newly re-opened Bayside Diner on Northern Blvd. Basic diner fare in both. I think Jackson Hole only serves breakfast until 3 PM most days.
    I haven't been but two friends of mine who frequent the place love the Terrace Diner in the Bay Terrace shopping center also in Bayside.

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      I'll second the Terrace Diner recommendation. For me, it's the best diner in the area. They have all the basic items but they also have menu items that strive to be a little more adventurous. Service is friendly and efficient.

    2. Kanes on College Point Blvd has always been good