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Oct 26, 2012 01:48 PM

New Years in La Jolla

Hi all,

My family (parents and 2 yr old son) will be staying in La Jolla for a week over New Years. I know there are lots of good old threads to look through, but I was wondering if someone could please recommend a good place to go for New Year's Eve -- early (like 5pm), with the baby. I would also be very interested in other restaurant recommendations (sushi, Mexican, California) in La Jolla or within driving distance. My wife and I will definitely get a night or two without the baby while there, so is there one top spot we should hit while free?


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  1. La Jolla is surprisingly kid friendly- I know I've taken my kids everywhere except George's pretty much in La Jolla. One question- what does your son like to eat?

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      Thanks for the reply. My son likes Mexican, Italian... can usually find something anywhere.

      Funny, I was thinking about George's for New Years. Not a good place for a kid then?

      1. re: mehrirubin

        Not the main dining room, but was thinking whisknladle might work nicely.

    2. At 5pm you shouldn't have a problem with the tot, most places will welcome you. There's Prep Kitchen on Fay, Wisk N Ladle (same owners), Nine-Ten, La Valencia and The Lodge at Torrey Pines. For your free night, Addison would be a good place to re-charge and relax. For a casual kid friendly breakfast, Harry's Coffee Shop on Girard.

      1. NYE..

        The Shores
        Georges ocean terrace

        No kids..

        Eddie V's
        AR Valentien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines
        Georges modern

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