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Oct 26, 2012 01:21 PM

Any must-try dishes at Rocking Wok Taiwanese in Wallingford?

Any must-try dishes at Rocking Wok Taiwanese in Wallingford? Wanted to try it out tonight. Thanks!

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  1. Did you go? Anything to report?

    Haven't been to that place in years and honestly, kind of forgot it was there.

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      Our family of 4 did go, upon recommendation from a Taiwanese acquaintance. Over all we thought it was good, not great. That said, we didn't try the hand-shaved noodles, which are supposed to be great.
      We DID try bamboo appetizer (thumbs up), salt and pepper squid (also thumbs up, not greasy), lion's head meatballs (surprisingly light for their ginormous size), thousand layer pancake (waste of time IMHO). The bill for 4 came to about $60 including tip. It's a cozy restaurant that filled up with mostly Asian families as the night went on.
      I'd say definitely worth trying. We're happy to know it's in our hood, but when we need a serious Asian fix we'll still be going to the ID for our fave Szechuan joint.

      1. re: lrsseattle

        I'm wondering how this place compares to Hard Wok Cafe - haven't been to either. I've only heard bad things about Rocking Wok, but I've always wanted to try.

        1. re: lrsseattle

          Back in the day, RW used to be great. I loved their thousand layer pancake, green onion pancake and salt and pepper squid. Then it went way down hill. I'll have to give them a try again.

          1. re: Lauren

            I went here years ago and it was struggling, no where near Facing East, Yea's Wok, even Henry's Taiwan (apparently now improved to "Plus", in the ID spot). I want to try Little Taipei in the Crossroads area.