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Oct 26, 2012 01:10 PM

Celebratory Drinks

Hey everyone,
So I am planning a dinner in the city (not sure about location yet) and I would like to go to a nice/fun/cool bar afterwards for drinks. I'm going to be with my family, so it's got to be appropriate for an older crowd. I am looking for nothing expensive, but it should have a cool atmosphere. Something unique. We're cocktail and wine fans, so something with a good drinks menu is a must. Outdoor/rooftop bars won't work because this is going to be in late November. So...any ideas?

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  1. Plan your dinner for the Wicker Park area, which has many excellent restaurants and a number of good bars, notably The Violet Hour, Bin Wine Cafe, and the Whistler.

    1. There are tons of options, maybe if you find out where you're having dinner you can post that info? Otherwise I would agree that the Violet Hour is great (expensive though), and there are tons of good options around the Fulton Market area where I had drinks a few days ago (tons of good restaurants with bars, and the Aviary).

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        I wish I knew where to take her! I'm looking for a nice Italian place with vegetarian options (entrees are about 15 bucks) if you have any suggestions.

        1. re: musicislife102

          Francesca's Forno at 1576 n. milwaukee might be a good option.

          1. re: camusman

            Yeah, Francesca's is awesome. We've already been a bunch of times however.

            1. re: musicislife102

              Okay, maybe Shaggy's Fulton Market idea then. Dinner at Viaggio's on W. Madison followed by cocktails at the Aviary.

              1. re: camusman

                I love the Aviary, but the OP said "nothing expensive" and the Aviary is as expensive as it gets for cocktails - most run close to $20.

                1. re: Gonzo70

                  Plenty of other bars in the area, Maude's Liquor, the Tasting Room, RM Champagne, etc.

                  1. re: camusman

                    Thanks for these suggestions! I will check them out. And yeah, the Aviary is too expensive.

              2. re: musicislife102

                I'd go to Piccolo Sogno Due. It's a new Italian restaurant (sister restaurant to the very popular Piccolo Sogno). Food and service are fantastic. Vegetarian pastas and salads are in the teens, meat and seafood entrees are a bit more, and the bread service is outstanding. It's just north of the river, and there are some terrific places for drinks nearby, including Sable, GT Oyster, Pops for Champagne, and Bin 36.

                Another place you could consider is Quartino, in that same general area and near the same places for drinks. Quartino does Italian in more of a small plates format. Quartino tends to be a bit less expensive than Piccolo Sogno Due, but I think the food is significantly better at Piccolo.