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Have a "unique" BBQ sauce. What can I do with it?

Bought Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet Vidalia Onion Barbeque Sauce on a whim today. New style for me. Since the Weber is put away for the season, I'd like to find a savory use for this sauce kitchen-side.

Any suggestions?

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  1. You could put it on almost any meat. I'd thin some out with buttermilk and marinade some chicken thighs in that, then bake them four about an hour, brushing more bbq sauce on about 15 minutes from the end. You could do something similar with other chicken parts, pork, turkey. You could slow cook some brisket in sauce and stock. You can also do fish (broiled, baked, or pan fried) but go lightly so as not to overpower.

    A bbq glaze on potatoes is good, but I like that best grilled. Bbq pizza is great too.

    1. Putting aside why you would retire the Weber so early... I would use it on country styled ribs in the oven cooked in foil or slow cook a pork butt or turkey breasts,shred and mix with the BBQ sauce for pulled pork tacos or sandwiches.
      My Weber works 365 and even has it's own snow shovel.

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        >>My Weber works 365 and even has it's own snow shovel<<

        Thirty years ago...or even 20, that would be me. But no longer. I'm still learning how to grill with lump charcoal. So haven't mastered the nuances of temperature change here in MI. Yet.

        Therefore, I'm kitchen bound. Thank you, Duppie, for this tip.

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          Sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

      2. Put it on salmon and broil it. Yum.

        1. BBQ Pizza sauce ingredient, like Ham & Pineapple, etc.

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            BBQ Pizza Sauce:

            1 (26 oz) can Hunt's Garlic & Herb Pasta Sauce
            1/2 cup Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce
            1/2 teaspoon Hickory Flavor Liquid Smoke, Wright's or Colgin brand
            1/4 teaspoon seasoning salt

            Mix ingredients in saucepan. Bring to a simmer and cook uncovered, stirring occasionally,
            for 20 minutes until the sauce is thickened.

          2. Put it on meatloaf (instead of ketchup)

            (oops meant to reply to the OP on this, not Burghfeeder :))

            1. Here's my favorite indoor BBQ recipe. BBQ ribs! Get a rack of baby back's, season with a dry rub, or just salt and pepper. Wrap in foil, and bake at 300 degrees for three hours. When done, pour off the fat. Don't be worried, the ribs will look gray, they should. Slather with the sauce and put under the broiler until the sauce starts to carmalize. They should have a couple of black spots, but be careful, don't burn them! Also, don't try to speed up the process, they need to cook for the full time at low temp. Good luck!


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                Good advice! If you can't smoke 'em, this is the next way to go!

              2. Haven't yet decided how to use this sauce...

                But it's gonna get incorporated into something tomorrow or Wednesday.

                Thank you for the number of suggestions so far!

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                  Mix into ground turkey to make meatballs. Or use as a glaze for meatloaf.

                  Someone else said salmon. Brush on salmon and top with crushed pretzels, then bake,

                2. Well. I opted for easy. And failed.

                  Poured the bottle of sauce over meatballs and cooked in the slow cooker for about five hours.

                  Do not try this at home! This sauce did not stand up to the extended exposure to heat. Much more bitter than sweet.

                  I'll buy it again to give it a better test on the Weber. Next spring.

                  1. you could add a bit of the sauce to just about anything. I have a large bottle of chipotle sauce which can get a bit too much on it's own sometimes so I stir in a bit of it whenever I use ketchup for instance. Which is every chance I get. I love the stuff! LOL