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Oct 26, 2012 12:21 PM

Suggestions for good food in Washington, Pa.

We have to stay in town for meals. What are some great places to eat, where entrees are $20.00, or less. We like all kinds of food. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry there aren't any! :) If your desperate and can't travel to Pittsburgh - try Hog Fathers BBQ - Bisctecca the average local steackhouse at the Casino is way more expensive than $20. Try Osso's pizza if your at a loss of where to eat. That's about all. OH,,, if your in the mood and they are open try Los Chilludos in Southpointe. Great mexican - no frills place but quality food thats just a bit north of Washington.

    1. Washington is pretty much a black hole for Chowhounds. There are plenty of relatively inexpensive places but I can't think of one that's a significant upgrade over a national chain. Bistecca at the Meadows casino is actually pretty decent (relative to rest of Washington), but it's well over your $20 limit and there are better steakhouses in Pittsburgh.

      In short, this might be a time to put aside thinking of a great meal and just head out to a hibachi place where you know what you're going to get in advance and they don't really screw it up. At least you'll be entertained :-)

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        That's great advice, not only for Washington but for a lot of small towns. While many Chowhounds despise national chains, they are successful for a reason...They are consistant. Go to the Outback and enjoy.

        One place that's downtown that I enjoy is the Union Grill. It's good bar food, has a nice atmosphere and will meet your budget.

        1. re: Burghfeeder

          Have not been myself but have heard some good things about Palazzo 1837 Ristorante.

          1. re: Effort

            I had a decent meal at Palazzo 1837 this summer-they have a nice outdoor space when the weather is good - indoors, they have a couple of rooms that are pleasant enough.
            The food was pretty good, though nothing I would go out of the way for.
            However, the price point is above $20 for entrees-you may be able to keep to that level if you stick to pasta.

          2. re: Burghfeeder

            I second the Union Grill. Don't expect fine dining gourmet but has good bar food and some nice pasta dishes.

        2. Am also visiting here and am looking for any decent ethnic places. Thai, Mexican, Korean, Jamaican, etc. Am not limited to Washington per se, but that is home base for now. Willing to travel for good food! (Note: have been to the original Hogfathers and it's the real deal for decent BBQ in the area).

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          1. re: equal_Mark

            You can find good Korean at Golden Pig in Cecil (a bit down Rte 50 from Bridgeville). Mt. Lebanon has KousKous which is excellent Moroccan. Orbis Caffe in Mt. Lebanon does a rotating brunch with a different cuisine each month - and it's really well done. Pretty much every other ethnic (non-Italian) cuisine requires going into the city proper.

            1. re: Panini Guy

              Not in Washington proper, but El Campesino on Washington Road in McMurray has a pretty tasty selection of Tex-Mex including a Mexican Ceviche shrimp appetizer. I like the inclusion of a grill roasted jalapeno on the side. I'm not much of a drinker but they offer a few dozen selections of tequila.


            2. re: equal_Mark

              Mexican - Los Chiliudios in Southpointe.... No frills ambiance but a square Mexican meal. Las Palams in the city has an authentic taco stand attached to its Mexican grocery store.

              That's about al the flavor Washington has. It's kind lame food wise. Head to Pittsburgh if you can.

              1. re: YoHoSCV

                +1 on Los Chiliudios. Great little unpretentious spot to find some well prepared Mexican food. Seems to do a strong takeout business and I would not be surprised if they are pretty busy at lunch given the dearth of choices in the area. Only a couple gliches - the Chipotle and Habanero salsas could use a bit more chipotle and habanero flavor (and despite the "warning," the hab salsa is not very hot). On the other hand they serve possibly the best (if not only) Fish Taco in the area...


                Getting back to Washington proper; Al an' Reuben's on Jefferson Avenue is a great addition to the area. Featuring a chef formerly of Bella Piatto, the place is truly special. The food is very well prepared and reasonably priced with full and half orders of many of the entrees being offered. There is live music playing in the front room on Tues, Wed & Thurs. The staff and management are very attentive but not intrusive. Had a great dinner there and am looking forward to checking out some of the sandwiches for lunch...


            3. Shorty's. Well under $20.